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    Straight Male / 35

    Within 25 years the guys will be fucking robots, putting the women "out of business" lol

    So what ya gunna do then huh?

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    Yaw fool the same was said 35 years ago, yet it's quite the same now, uh.
    Look, to that point, you'd do well to just keep on drinking whatever you're on to go with that shoe leather you keep eating.
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    35 years ago it was a DREAM. Now it's REAL. CHECK NORTH EUROS COUNTRIES. GOOGLE "sex robot house" see for yourself. Cost 80 euros an hour. Less than the prostitute lol

    Anyways you don't accept future, live in the past.

    Plus 1 in 100 women are not bitch or just out to "use" men. Fact.

    Don't get me wrong I don't "hate" women!! But do work in the robotic industry for twenty years so also not a fool.

    Future is hard to grasp for most because it involves a total reprogramming of the mind. Takes time. Generations.

    Those that can't "keep up" get left behind.

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