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    Straight Male / 19

    I discovered my Sisters Secret Photos
    I have the most annoying sister, she has always been mean to me, and embarrasses me at every opportunity by flirting with my friends whenever they come to the house. She rarely gets dressed until after lunch and deliberately walks around the house in short robe. She knows they are looking but likes the attention and often teases them by letting it fall open slightly to give them a quick flash of her boobs.
    My sister often had boys up in her room when our parents were out. It would get me hard thinking about what they might be doing and sometimes I could hear them fucking through my wall. The other day, when she was in the bath I managed to guess her password and got into my sisterâs phone where I saw photos of her posing naked with her boyfriend and as I flicked through the photos there was one with her naked with his buddies. There was also video of her sucking his cock, where she let him cum on her face. I quickly copied them all to my laptop in the hope that I could use them to persuade her to this with me the next time we are alone in the house in return for my silence. She is scared of our Dad, so I know she will do it.
    The chance came sooner than I thought. It was my parentâs anniversary coming up at the weekend and they announced that they would be away. Things could not have worked out better as my sisterâs boyfriend was also away on a course, so she would be home alone with me. I told her that I was having a couple of friends around to watch a movie. I donât think she would have been as happy if she knew it was a movie of her. When the night came, we got everything set up downstairs and I called down from her room.
    âWhat do you want, I have just come out of the showerâ, She replied.
    âItâs important I need to show you somethingâ.
    We heard her coming down the stairs and I started the movie playing.
    You should have seen the look on her face when she saw herself on the screen, sucking away on her boyfriendâs cock.
    âWhere the hell did you get thatâ, she screamed at me.
    I calmly told her that she had better come and sit down and do as I said if she didn't want dad to see it.
    She nervously did as I said, sitting on the sofa in between my two friends.
    âWhat do I have to do to get it backâ, she asked.

    âLook if you delete the file and promise not to tell anyone, I will give one of your friends a hand jobâ

    She looked at each of us waiting for a response.
    âNice offer, but you will need to do much better than thatâ, I replied.

    âYou can start by getting naked and showing us those cute titsâ

    We all sat there staring and stroking our cocks as she slowly undressed right there in front of us, then for the full two days we fucked her in every hole. I canât believe how much cum she swallowed

    "Switch now I want to try her mouth," I heard my friend say as he scrambled to her mouth.

    "No please I can't take no more. Please don't make me swallow any more cum," she pleaded with me.

    "Open your mouth like a good little slut, he needs to shoot his load. Now open wide for him," I told her as I yanked her hair.

    As soon as her mouth opened my friend shoved his dick into it. He held her head in a vice like grip and began pumping into her face. My other friend was behind her and shoved his cock into her hole. I pulled back her head so she could look into the boyâs eyes as he filled her mouth with his load. He let out several very loud grunts and groans as he dumped his cum into my sister. Some of it dribbled onto her chin as she tried to swallow the massive load.

    "Next!" I called as he returned to his beer.
    Quickly they exchanged positions and again I watched as another load was dumped into my sister's mouth. She sucked and gagged on his cock as she swallowed his cum, milking his dick of every last drop. I stood behind her watching her swallow cum and spanked her firm round ass .

    "Turn around and look at me you cock sucking slut," I ordered her.

    She began to look over her shoulder and was going to wipe the cum off her lips.

    "No leave that cum on your face. It makes me hard? Can you see my cock?" I asked.

    "Yes, I can see your dick," my sister answered looking back at stiff cock.

    I spank her ass and put the head at the entrance to her pussy.

    "I'm going to shove my fat dick into your pussy right here in front of everyone. You want that?" I ask her.
    âCome on slut, say it into the cameraâ.
    Who would have thought that my annoying sister could become such a porn star?

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    For real revenge, send the pics to
    [email protected]@y***o.**m
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    Gang r****g your sister is the best way to become a prison bitch for 20 years. I hope you will enjoy it.
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    Did a little blackmail with mine once, too. We'd been messing around anyway, so that wasn't a big deal. What was, though, was a partying and getting in trouble stretch she had, me bailing her out time after time, and wanting some sort of fun payback. She was out one night, and hauled off, hitting a woman in a bar and giving the woman a nice black eye. Problem was..It was a judge's daughter. Hot sister was all worried, and called me. Went to her apartment, heard the story (she was completely at fault..and I told her so), and found out the woman's last name.

    "Hughes?" I told my hot, apparently violent drunk sister. "I've done some cases for Judge Hughes..Nice guy, really" I advised, very much to her delight. And, near-begging me to talk to the judge and keep all of this hush-hush. For one, my hot sister had no money to pay any hefty fines that would result from this, and two..She didn't need her name in the paper, since everyone knew who she was. I agreed, and even on the way to the judge's office, started thinking of how she could pay me back. And, I could make her do a few things she wouldn't forget, as a lesson to reign herself in.

    I spoke to him, he wasn't happy but agreed to no further action, and strongly told me to "Keep her in check, got it?". His nice-guy side was long gone when telling me that. Keep her in check, or it's on you, too, was his overall message.

    I go back to her apartment, let her know, it's taken care of and that I had to keep her in check. Got my reward of a hefty, on her knees blow job, which should have satisfied me, but wasn't enough for my future efforts to keep her in line. While she was still in the mood, and under my thumb, I went outside and called two of my guy friends, who'd had a long-time thing for her..I'm talking, all I ever heard from them was your sister this, I'd so fuck her that, get her here with us..Constant.

    Told them the story, and that she was at the ready to "give and keep giving" as I told her to. Both guys only lived a few minutes away, so were there in minutes. Brought them upstairs to the apartment, and directed her to "show them how good you are". She blew them both, then myself again, enduring a bit of cock-shoving into her mouth by the guys, and my own reminding her of her wrongdoings, the better part of the day. Best thing was, she understood why and complied. That apartment held a lot of secrets between us.
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    You stupid little boy. Why wasn't somebody ramming that little asshole?

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