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    For the past 19 years I have had an affair with a married man. He loves gay sex with me, but is totally straight in his real life. Married, two teenage and young adult sons, beautiful sexy wife. He is a teacher at his local high school in rural Indiana, coaches football and is a real man's man. Nobody would suspect he ever looked at another man, let alone suck dick and get fucked. But, here he is, on his knees, taking as much of my 8"uc dick as he can stuff into his throat, hard as a rock himself, but not allowed to touch himself. In another ten minutes or so, when his jaw starts to tire I will flip him around, on all fours, line up my dick and slowly enter him, stretching him out, while whispering in his ear how good he feels to take my dick, how I fuck his manhood away, and stuff like that. He will cum halfway through my pounding him, and he will be back on another two weeks. He always does, even if he promises himself once again that this was the last time, driving back to his normal life.

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    I'm a cross dresser and I met a guy online. I was his first time fuck, he had only been with women before. He was an animal and very dominate and I loved it. A decent size cock and he always liked the way I dressed up for him. I sucked his cock and he fucked me raw every time we're together. He texts me and says he can't do it anymore, but within a week he texts me wanting to get together. I guess he has problems dealing with the fact that he likes cock too.
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    How can you say you are heterosexual when you when you have sex with a man and a woman, you are bisexual admit it to yourself you are having the best of both worlds

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