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    Should drugs have an age limit? How's 90 sound?
    Even regulated items like cigarettes and alcohol are tried by kids younger than legal age. After all, they want to fit in with those who are a bit older/mature. By decreasing the min. Age for even those would expose even younger kids to the influences. I can't imagine what would happen if we got rid of min. Age limits on just those less harmful items. Just think, kids get out of school and spend their lunch money at the bar.
    What is worse, the author of this question want no age limit on very harmful drugs like those that get injected. I look at those street corner drug dealers as scumbags that should be locked up for endangering the lives of not just adult but the kids they get addicted and the author would have them looked at as entrepreneurs for selling crack to middle school kids or even younger? They talked about supervised injection facilities. Tell me, how many teens would take their drug use/abuse public? It's not like only drug addicts will be present so they will see the risk of their secret being relieved. In other words, the vast majority of kids who do those drugs would opt for the alley instead. Another factor is those that did use it would likely be exposed to other drugs. Then lets talk expense. These facilities would need at least one medical person as well as at least one police officer for security. After all, drug addicts are not known to be law abiding. Because drug addicts do drugs whenever they need them, the place would need to be open 24/7. Not sure about other countries but in the U.S. people in the medical community and police have mottoes they go by e.g. "Do no harm." and "To protect and serve." How is a doctor going to openly aid kids in doing harmful drugs going to keep his oath. How are the police protecting when they assist in doing harm?

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    All drugs in common use should be legalised, for the following reasons: (1) They are all easily available anyway, and have been for at least forty years, so the so-called "war on drugs" is just a load of lip-service nonsense. (2) If available through legal channels the price would go down, and it has been proved that when the price of drugs go down the crime rate drops. (3) Addicts would know what they were getting instead of risking poisoning themselves every time they use. (4) Instead of wasting their time searching for stuff that is actually everywhere the police could concentrate on real crime. (5) The police would no longer be easily corrupted by nasty criminals, and thus inveigled into turning a blind eye to theor other crimes (6) We would stop making billionaires of the criminal elements of our society. (7) We would produce a lot of legal employment and a lot of tax money for our countries. (8) We would provide something for the bored, the unemployed and the stupid to do legally that would keep them off the streets.

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