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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 22

    Tuesday morning this week, I walked into my bosses office after the festive break and told him I wanted a raise after all the work I'd done for him during the build up to Christmas. His response was to say "Suck my cock then and you can have your raise".
    My boss is fifty one, has a balding head and is overweight. All that didn't stop me dropping to the floor and sucking on the most incredible cock, once he dropped his trousers and boxers. He might be nothing like the boyfriends I've had in the past, but then none of them have had a nine and half inch whopper, that had me drooling from the word go.
    I sucked on his massive cock for an age, then greedily and readily agreed when he asked me if he could fuck me over his desk. Talk about multiple orgasms, by the time he came, spurting his copious amounts of cum up my stretched pussy, I'd climaxed so hard so many times, I lost all semblance of time and didn't care who was fucking me.
    Sat at my desk twenty minutes later, with my pussy was still buzzing, I had something I'd never had before, I had a little orgasm just thinking about his huge tool.
    The raise he's promissed me will in effect almost double my salary. But for that I've now stayed back every night this week and enjoyed him fucking both my pussy and arsehole in his office. The crazy thing is, if I had known about him and his wonderful cock before, I honestly wouldn't give a shit now if he hadn't have raised my pay.

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    These aliens, always shouting and really bad at spelling.
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    They are alien trolls and never complete their spelling lessons.

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