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    Straight Male / 35

    This friend of mine came home early one day, several years ago, and heard a noise in his mom's bedroom. Being curious he went up, found the door open and crawled in and hid in the closet. A man was in bed fucking his mom. About that time his father came home and his mom told her mate to hide in the closet. He did and it was dark in there, and cold. After a short while my friend started mumbling "It's cold in here." It's cold in here." The man asked, "Who are you?" and he answered "I'm the son of the woman you were in bed with and that is my Dad you can hear with Mom now." My friend had in his possession a baseball glove and a baseball. He kept on slamming the ball into his glove and the man with him was afraid he was making enough noise for his father to hear so he told my friend to stop. My friend said, "I'll sell you the ball for $50 and the stranger was afraid if he didn't pay my friend might continue and his Dad would hear. So he gave my friend $50 for the ball. Shortly my friend started slamming his fist into the glove. The stranger again asked him to knock it off. My friend said, "I'll sell you this glove for $150". And he started again repeating "It's cold in here." And in order to get him quiet he paid him $150 for the glove. Shortly the sounds from his mom and dad ceased as they had gone into the kitchen so my friend told the stranger he could let him crawl out the window and no one would catch hi. The stranger obeyed.
    So, a few days later my friends father came home from work and it was a nice day outside so he told my friend to get his ball and glove and they would play some catch. My friend confessed that he had sold both of them. His dad asked how much he sold them for and he answered he received $200 for both. His dad became historical and and shouted, "$200? I paid less than $30 for them."
    They were Christians so Dad told my friend to get in the car, they were going to Confession. Once inside the Catholic Chapel the father told my friend to get into the Confession Booth while he got the Priest. Once the Priest entered his side of the Confessional all he could hear was, "It's cold in here." The Priest said, "You aren't going to start that shit again are you.?"

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