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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I am an online sissy. What I mean is I play an online game called MNF club. In this game I am a male sissy looking to be used by alpha males. I initially went on as a male looking to suck cock. I got some takers, but not enough to keep me interested. Then I decided to change my avatar to a women's body and put sissy in my name and include exactly what I am on my bio. Need to because sometimes there is a translation issue for people from other countries. BOOM! It blew up like dynamite. I am astounded at the number of men wanting to have sex with male sissies. Women as well. Don't get me wrong I love it.
    My avatar being used for an alpha male's pleasure is my sissy persona's dream come true. I now have a black master and his accomplice mistress. They both use me together.
    In this game you get to role play with other players from all over the world. Just today I role played with a guy that wanted i****t role play. He was my younger brother and I was his older sissy brother. Pretty hot. Some of these players can really put it together which makes to much easier to get into character.
    I even came across a women that was into K-9 sex. Of course I helped her out. I was her neighbor who had a couple of big male Rottweilers. She came over to complain about the dogs making to much noise and we went from there.
    If by any chance you have not tried it please do. It will male you plenty horny. It is free and no need to download any software. It works in your browser.

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    HOT, so what is the web site. ??
    Bi sissy male cock sucker, here. Love to join.

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