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    Straight Female / 52

    When I was in my late 30’s I had a affair with a coworker who was just younger than me. I was a little chunky but my husband was very overweight. Two teenage boys and drama that goes with it my husband wouldn’t have sex very often. I did a lot of masturbating and still do. It was 3 men and myself working at a equipment rental. My lover had flirted with me for years and I enjoyed it and flirted back. One day I wore top that is descent but was open in the front and was easy to see some breast. I was working at my computer desk when he came up and we discussed work. He was standing behind me and reached under my top and bra and fondle my breast. I was shocked and told him to get to work. He reached in with both hands and fondled both breast. I drop my hands by my side and let him fondle. This happened a few days and increased with him feeling between my legs when possible. I should have stopped him but my body enjoyed the attention. He finally asked me to come to a hunting club house not far from work. Instead of a few strokes and cumming in his hand or on my stomach like my husband my coworker and I had sex till neither had nothing left. I decided I had better get back on birth control after about 5 meetings but it was to late, I was already pregnant. I told my husband I was pregnant. He was surprised but said he must have let a little get inside me. My coworker and I had sex up till my daughter was born. He couldn’t get enough of me. I didn’t go back to work after my daughter was born. It was a hard decision but I knew the affair wasn’t good for both families. I knew my coworker could have me anytime he wanted me. I feel quilt what we did but use the memories for erotic daydreaming.

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    I had sex with an older lady when I was working in college. She never asked for protection
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    Same as my brothers wife. I could be the father of their third child.

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