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    Transsexual Male / 30

    I have a forbidden perversion for friends daughters. I've sniffed and wanked over my best friends daughters panties lots.. she's got a yummy body and bum and love i****t and watching it. Just watched a cute one getting funked not I know bis wrong to have these thoughts but turns me on

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    my daughter and his daughter are friends which made it nice to see our kids bing best friends like we was.
    Anyways one hot summer I guess the kids was sunbathing and my daughter got burnt up real bad, she was laying in the spare bedroom trying to relax and get some relief from the intense sunburn from what I am told my friend walked in to offer her some cooling lotion to ease the burn but she was to sore to move, he asked if she wanted him to put some on her and she said ok.
    From what I was told after is that when he started rubbing it on her back and then moved over to her stomach he managed to touch under her breast, next think I find out is he convinced her to remove her bathing top so he could apply the lotion evenly.
    I guess he managed to get her really in the mood because she is 3 weeks late on her monthly and nothing I can do about it since 17 is legal age in this state for consent.
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    # one response sounds like it came from the stupid orig poster.

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