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    Straight Male / 44

    Went to a dinner party tonight with my wife...nothing fancy, just the neighbors on a snowy evening. There were four couples and a couple of single people floating around, eating, drinking, and generally having a good time.

    The hostess, Lilah, was happy drunk from the very beginning. She is a tall, thin, bisexual blonde who is in between guys and girls this month, and not happy about it. She was telling anyone who would listen about the last time she got laid, and everyone responded with, "Oh, Lilah!" or something innocuous.

    When I went to the bathroom, however, the door was locked and stayed that way for a while. Finally, I went downstairs in frustration. I had just finished and opened the door when Lilah bumped into me in the dark hallway. She was still happy drunk, but as she squeezed past me in the narrow doorway, she suddenly grabbed my hand. She pulled me back into the bathroom, slammed the door, and kissed me hard.

    I pulled back in surprise, looking for an explanation, but her body was tight against me, and my cock started growing immediately. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "Just having some fun," she said. "Your wife is upstairs having a good time, and I figured I could have some fun with you while she's up there in my kitchen!" I smiled and said, "You are totally horny, aren't you?" Instead of answering, she dropped to her knees and rubbed her face on my cock. As she unzipped my fly, she said quietly, "I just really want to feel this..." and started sucking. Her mouth was soft and warm, and my cock thickened rapidly, swelling in her mouth. Pretty soon, she had almost all of my 7 inches in her mouth, taking long, slow sucks and then whipping her tongue around the head. One had was on my shaft, and the other was buried in her yoga pants, clearly rubbing her clit.

    I leaned back against the sink, savoring the feeling of her mouth on me, and the whole situation in front of me. After a few amazing moments, though, she stopped sucking and stroked me steadily. "Do you think you could fuck me for a little bit?" she asked? "I'm already sucking your dick, so you might as well..."

    I couldn't argue with that logic. I pulled her up, kissed her deeply, and then dropped to one knee. My hands traveled down with me, tugging her pants and panties down over her ass. I turned her to lean against the vanity, then pulled her pants lower. Leaning in, I kissed her soft blonde pubes, then slipped my tongue in to bump her clit. With one hand, I grabbed her tiny ass, and with the other, I slid first one, then two fingers into her pussy. She groaned and lifted her leg up onto my shoulder, opening herself wider for my attentions.

    There was no time to waste, though, so after only a few minutes, I stopped licking her pussy and stood up abruptly. I spun her around so she was bent over the vanity with her sweet, tight ass facing me, then stepped forward to bury my cock in her. Her back arched as I filled her pussy, and she almost growled when she said, "Oh, God...fuck me hard..."

    What else would I do? I pulled her hips back against me, then proceeded to pump her hard and deep. Her hands were braced on the countertop, and mine alternated between fondling her little tits and caressing her hips. I was being very quiet, but Lilah was groaning happily with every thrust. She turned her head to say something, but I stopped her with a kiss, wrapping my arms around her, still pumping her steadily. "You're so fucking hot," I told her. "I'm so fucking horny!" she said in response. "I can tell." Then she surprised me...again. "When you're ready to cum, don't pull out," she said. "I want to feel your cum inside me when I go back upstairs." That did it for me. The thought of her talking to my wife with my sperm inside her was so twisted and kinky that all I could think of was filling her up. With a few more thrusts, I locked myself tight against her ass and flooded her clasping pussy. Jet after jet of cum poured into her, and she leaned forward, eyes closed, enjoying the sudden warmth inside her.

    When I started to soften, she turned and pulled her panties and pants up quickly. She knelt for a moment and sucked me clean, then said, "I like the way we taste," kissed me on the lips, and left suddenly, closing the door behind her.

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