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    Straight Female / 27

    I am a virgin, but i do masturbate a lot, and i enjoy it way too much. I've been thinking about losing ny virginity, but i am currently single (i only want to lose it to my bf)

    I realize im getting more and more horny lately, i can masturbate and climax couple of times in a day. Yesterday i cant take it anymore so i go to a massage place so i can be touched by man.

    The masseuse start with my feet, i was wearing a super short pants so he can go up to my thigh. When he massage me i "accidentaly" place my feet on his lap, then his cock. I can see a bulge growing inside his old ugly jeans, and that really turns me on.

    And then he move in to my back, and when he massage me i do a lot of soft moan. Loud enough for him, but soft enough so other customers wont hear me. After a couple of moan, my finger accidentaly brush his jeans again, and my my his cock is so hard.

    I think my moan makes him even hornier and he fake massage my back and my neck, while his other hand start massaging the side of my boobs. I moan a bit more when he massage me there, and he got more courage, he slides his finger more and more, and start cupping my breast and massaging it.

    It felt so good i just let him doing it for a while, i swith my position a bit so he can go to my tits easier.

    As he massage my tits, his other hand goes down to my leg again. And moving to my ass, and my inner thigh.
    I was so wet for him. He keeps on massaging my inner thigh, and starts sliding his finger inside my panties.

    Damn it was so hot, the thought of being caught by others, and a stranger touching my privates excites me so much. I went home even hornier and fuck myself till i sleep.

    Damn i need to have sex.

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    If you are in the UK, give your number and I am all yours and I can bet, you will love it
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    No, I'm not in UK. I finished school several years ago and that was Montana State. I never attended the University of Kentucky.
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    UK as United Kingdom. I'm in the RTP and would enjoy helping you out.

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