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    Straight Female / 46

    one slumber party I was considering getting my dog to cum in a cup and make my friends drink it as a ritual into our group but I didn't go through with it because I didn't like doing it. It basically started from the farm and like a farmer told my mother who did heaps of breeding "we had to do awful things to get them to breed and artificial insemination practices" and I know. On my grandfathers farm that was common practice and others in the family on the farm were very deviant minded and would watch animals mating or force them to mate for breeding. Some times I would secretly watch and one time I got my dog to masturbate a shoe and cum in it and it was just a joke really after seeing them on the farm do it. but I couldn't go through with the slumber party prank because it really is not my thing. I know heaps of people now seem to be seriously into bestiality but I am not into it. I don't really feel turned on even seeing it in porn. I don't know why I am so weird that a horses dick doesn't turn me on or watching women being fucked by animals is so lame. but well, I have seen some and usually it sickens me. so am I strange? how far can you go for a thrill, sex with a crocodile or Purana fish, a shark or whale? I know Asian girls are seriously into this octopus sex . well its all the big thing in Asian girls but I don't quite get it? for one thing you would have to be careful on stinging tentacles and oral with a fish for men or women sounds weird. now I have had some kinky fantasies in my time but that is not one of them.

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    I think you should of grabbed that dog cock and jerked him off until he cummed and then had her drink it. Better yet, make her jack him off and drink it right from his red dog dick
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    I'm not into it either but back in highschool there was a story going around about some woman that lost a bet and had to post a video of her dog fucking her on facebook. So a few guys were going around trying to get a couple of girls to copycat the bet. They ended up talking me and another girl into betting over a game of pool. Anyway, I'm pretty good at pool and she sunk the 8 ball early and lost.

    I didn't think it would work at first, because it took a bit of fumbling around with the dog. Next thing I know, he's up ontop of her and one of the guys started going around her with a camera. After several minutes, the dog knotted inside her and she was grunting and yelling to get him out. Then after a bit she calmed down until he pulled out and she yelled again. I couldn't help but laugh.

    I wouldn't say I was turned on but it was a bit like watching a trainwreck and I just couldn't look away. For some bizzare reason I felt a little bit of morbid satisfaction watching her being humiliated in such a fucked up way.

    That wasn't even the worst of it though because next they made her upload it to facebook and I could tell she really didn't want to. It didn't stay up more than a couple of days though and then her account was suspended. Unfortunantly for her it still ended up getting passed around and for the rest of highschool no one ever forgot about it. I heard she ended up becoming a stripper after she graduated though, so maybe she enjoyed some of the attention even though a lot of it sucked for her.

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