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    Bi-Sexual Female / 54

    Raven's Story #1

    When I was growing up my mother was a nurse and often had to do shift work.

    This often left my alone with my common law dad, Neil, who was living with my mom but they were not married.

    Our pattern was for Neil to watch TV upstairs, while I would watch TV in the basement rec room.

    One Saturday I was watching a skit on SNL with Bill Murray and Gilda Radner. BM was tickling GR, until he had to go home. I wondered what it would be like to have a boy tickle me.

    Then Gilda began to do something curious on TV. She climbed up on the arm of the sofa and began to grind up and down with the sofa arm between her legs.

    I wondered why she was doing it. So I tried it myself. I was wearing flannel pajamas and a tingling sensation began to build in my kitty.

    I did not know why but I really began to enjoy it. I rub the sofa arm more vigorously between my inner thighs until I develop a strong sensation like I had to pee. So worried that I would wet myself and the sofa, I rushed off to the bathroom but I could never actually complete the pee.

    I started to do this on a regular basis because it was so pleasurable. I guess I was getting so enthusiastic doing iy, that I began to move the sofa. At one point Neil must of heard this and came done to investigate.

    "What the hell are you doing?" Neil startled me with. "Nothing!" I replied meekly. "Well stop doing it, it's nasty!" Neil retorted. "But I like to do it" I whined. Neil said "If you don't stop doing it, I will tell you mother"

    Not willing to stop my private game, I told Neil more assertively "If you tell my mother then I will tell her that you touched me inappropriately" even though I wasn't sure what this meant.

    So Neil said "To hell with it! Do whatever you want. See if I care"

    Neil began to leave and I said "Wait! Sit on the sofa." I could tell Neil was a little curious so he did what I asked.

    I do not know what possessed me to do this, but I hopped up on Neil's lap facing him. Then I began to shift my position around his lap until I found a comfortable spot. Then I began to grind one leg of his jeans between my inner thighs like I had done on the sofa arm.

    At this point Neil began to breathe heavily and look me deeply in my eyes. Then he began to nibble behind my ears and on my neck. He started to kiss me but it wasn't like one of his bedtime kisses. He parted my lips with his tongue and began to dart it into my mouth.

    This game was getting a lot more exciting than playing with the sofa arm. I began to play with Neil's tongue with my own in his mouth. Neil then reached around and began to rub my tiny behind through my flannel pj bottoms with his strong hands.

    He then reached under my pj tops and began to massage the nipples of my budding breasts. At this point I began to moan and rub my thighs more vigorously on his lap. I shifted my position and found something bulging in his pocket. Then Neil began to moan himself and rock me rhythmically on his lap.

    The tingling sensations was building in my kitty stronger than they ever had before, when suddenly I peed in my pj bottoms and all over Neil's lap.

    I was so embarrased that I ran into the bathroom. I couldn't pee any further but I removed my sooping wet pj bottoms. I was still crying when Neil came to the bathroom door (which I had locked).

    Neil told me that I couldn't tell my mother what had happened or we would both get into serious trouble, so I agreed.

    Nothing happened again for quite a while, but that is a story for another time.

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    Please tell me more!!!! My cock is so fucking hard. I wish I was Neil so I could fuck your young pussy
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    Poor old #1 imagines all this fool poster stated is true. Fool forgot the old bag poster listed age in her 50's. She wishes even half of it were true now & sits there panting with her wet vagina.
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    OP: All true! I never said how young I was when this all happened for legal reasons.
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    I believe the OP. SNL came on in 1975 and Gilda Radner was one of the original cast members. This would make the OP 10 or perhaps a little older when this happened. I remember seeing Gilda grind herself on the arm of a sofa several times. I was surprised that the censors would let this pass.
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    It's all funny. Especially #4 who is attempting to account for the time. Good job #4. 1975 as you recall makes it 1 year prior to the post gals birth. Pretty good.
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    Why don't you people who think it's fake go to another web site. I liked that story and I don't care about what you think about it. I Love It
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    Someone 54 was born in 1964. Do the math!

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