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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    National Championship Game

    My live-in girl friend is at Mass with her family and I am home getting ready for a trip to the national championship game with 3 other married, bi buddies. We will be traveling in my F 150 Super Cab and as soon as we hit the interstate the two in the back will be sucking each others cocks. When we hit the state line we stop at the rest area and swap seats so me and the other guy can suck some dick too.
    As soon as we check into our single room (with 2 beds) we will take turns holding each others dicks while we piss and pile onto one of the beds sucking and fucking in every conceivable position until we all drop a load or two. We do not make out at all as this is not about making love it's pure, unadulterated, raw, uninhibited man-on-man sex with 4 very masculine, professional married/div bisexual men.
    Later in the day we each put a business card in a sack and each draws out a card. The first guy will be the bottom for the 3 others tonight. The second will be the bottom for all 3 in the morning with the 3rd being the bottom for all three that night. The last will be the bottom the next morning but let me assure you there will be plenty of sucking and fucking in between.
    We are a close group of 4 hunters, fisherman, sports enthusiast who spend lots of buddy time together in varying combination enjoying our sports activities and each other. No one would ever suspect the 4 of us to be bi or fuck buddies since college. And at one time, there was a 5th buddy who got transferred to the west coast. When he comes back to visit his parents we wear out his mouth and his ass.
    Last Saturday night me girlfriend and one of my buds wife went to a shower and his kids were at her parents. He came to my house and while we were alone I laid him on his back on my dinning table (right at the end where I eat weekend meals). I set in my arm chair with his legs over his chest and I eat his hairy jock ass until he begged me to "ram in in hard and fast." I went to the kitchen for some Olive Oil which I pushed up his ass and then greased my dick real good. With his hairy legs up beside his head with my hands holding them in place, I put the head of dick at his love tunnel barely pushing it inside. Then when he nodded his head I pushed hard and didn't stop until my 8 incher was pubs deep. His entire body quivered as he rolled his head from side to side cursing, talking nasty, kinky shit which he knows shifts me into over drive. I piston fucked his jock ass for a long time before I pulled him off the table to his knees so he could suck my dick (we both love A.T.M. - Ass-To-Mouth action). Then I bent him over the table slapping his hairy ass several times and rammed it back again pubs deep grinding his jock ass. He was screaming "I'm cumming. I'm cumming" and with his hands on the table I fucked him into an orgasm without touching himself. When he got off it was like a vice grip on my dick and I unloaded up his ass.
    I cannot await until we get to the hotel so we can fuck and suck without concerns for time limits and someone coming back unexpected. We are the real winners regardless of games outcome.

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    sounds like my kinda fun
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    Roll Ride
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    Hot confession! I am in a similar situation with 2 of my close friends. I am their personal cock sucker, Any time we are alone, I have one or both of their nice cocks in my mouth and always swallow the cum. We also go on trips together and I spend the night happily sucking away on their cocks as we share a bed. I like being their cock sucker and cum swallower.

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