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    Straight Male / 42

    When my hot older sister had shoulder surgery, she lived alone in a nice, 2-bedroom apartment, which I had my own key for and came and went as I pleased. She encouraged me to do so. For a few weeks after surgery, I was there, helping and taking care of her, lifting her up to go to the bathroom, cleaning, and returning the favor for the many dinners she made me and us.

    She was also a lightweight when it came to prescribed medication, between her sexy, fit body frame and never being one to take meds. However, post-op pain was bad for awhile, so, she started bailing the pain meds as directed, and a few times, on her own. The meds would make her foggy, funny, and suggestible. I had fun with that.

    One night in particular, it was clear she'd downed a few pain meds. I arrived as had been, let myself in, and she was on the couch in her half-open robe, glass of wine in front of her, big smile on her face, happy to see me (and happy in general). I gave her a light hug and our usual quick-lip kiss, told her to sit tight, and I'd take care of things. We chatted back and forth, and I asked when her next appointment was. This is where her mind state really flew.

    "Well, yeah, because I wore my headphones at work. Jana's nails are nice, but not nicer than mine..Pink skirt is in the closet" she answered. I thought, ok...This is off the wall, but let's hear more, see where her head's at. And find the meds to check what's left.

    Instead of repeating the question, I went with it, telling her I'd seen the headphones, and, she was correct, her long, usually red nails were nicer than Jana's and we'd look for the pink skirt. Expecting to continue that par of the conversation, I was wrong (she said this word for word):

    "Just so you know..." she said, very confident and matter of factly, "I really like soaping up my tits in the show-er..You can dhooitfurmhee", with a bit of a laugh-voice slur. Wide smile on her face, too. Her robe was untied and fully open.

    "I say, let's" I told her, making my way to the living room after turning the dishwasher on. Lifting her up and leading her to the bathroom, I first made sure the rubber sling was secure on her arm, then, turned the shower on.

    "Bhoddy wash, hun...Bottleof bhoddy wash and chilcutt" she stated, naked as the shower water started to wash over her. I stripped myself and got in with her. The water started to wet her hair and make it straight, which was a look I'd always liked on her. Very sexy. Though I had no idea what the hell chilcutt meant. Still don't, actually.

    She stood in place as I body washed and soaped her entire naked body, spending much time on her marvelous 36C's, to her head-tilt and grin of pleasure. Working my hands around, over, squeezing, and fully enjoying her soaped, firm body, I had her muttering various words and statements, most of which I didn't understand, but one I did:

    "Gonna get mhe whet af-ter we get whet, hun?" she asked, taking hold of my cock with her free (and only available) hand. "Know yhour ghoing to". Just like that. She knew where my mind was, and that I was going to take full advantage of this foggy, apparently horny, mental state of hers. Funny part was, when she was stroking my cock in the shower, she was counting "One, two, three, four" with each stroke and feel. I'd never had a woman do that before, count as they stroked.

    We finished in the shower and I helped her out, drying her off then myself. She did continue making random, off the wall statements, at one point saying something about Springsteen (her favorite) and some bridge she drove fast over. Led her to her bedroom, laid her down gently and told her to not move her bad arm (last thing I wanted was a re-injury caused by fucking her), spread her amazing, dancer-type legs out, and plunged into her, taking in her sighs and whispers of "make me wet make me wet". That really got me going, to be honest.

    Having at her for a good 2 hours, we both fell asleep. I woke up first, admiring her truly amazing body, and thinking about what the pain meds did to her. She'd renewed the prescription several more times after healing and not needing them for pain, but, more for fun between us. And her downstairs neighbor wondered why my car was always out front. If he'd known the fun effect of pain meds on her, he'd have been helping, too.

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    That was a fun read. Does she need to be drugged up to have sex with you?

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