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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 13-old enough-when I started playing hockey. There weren't many girls playing back then in the 80's, so I had to play with boys, and many were much bigger than I was. Well, during one game, I had a full bladder, and could barely skate, I had to wizz so bad. Suddenly, this huge boy, slammed into me-laid me out on the ice. I flew and landed in the corner, where I felt the pee uncontrollably drip out of me. I was horrified, realizing I was pissing my hockey uniform!! I couldn't control it, though. I had to play the rest of the game with a damp crotch. It happened again in another game, too. Soon, I realized that ya sweat so much playing hockey, you get dripping wet and stinky, anyway, so it didn't really matter. Anytime I had to pee on the ice from then on, I'd just let it go right in my hockey pants. Gross, hah? At home, I'd just spray perfume on the crotch of my pants and let them airdry. That seemed to suffice.

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    Not gross. Hot and sexy.
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    Uh ohhhhhhh....pee pee fetish!!! LOL!!
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    HAHA you r wierd but that is cool
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    Thats a good story!

    ~!Peace Out!~

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