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    Straight Female / 49

    Your memory is limitless. We were kids, in the tenth grade. Our parents gave us permission go to a fair in the parking lot of a mall. There were two of us kids, one boy and one girl. He was given instructions to look after me and we were told that he was the boss.

    We rode several rides and we had snacks and used our money wisely to make it last. We were standing beside this shack, and these two older boys came up and started talking to us. They moved in on us and one started to touch my hair and tap my breasts and hips he got close grabbed me between the legs. My protector was pushed aside and this boy kissed me on the mouth grabbing me between the legs.

    Well the truth was I did not want to be protected right then, I wanted to be kissed and his hot hand between my legs felt good. He took my hand and put it on his pants. He had a hard erection and I wrapped my hand around it and let him kiss me and feel me up all he wanted. I was alone, my protector and the other guy had disappeared. I leaned back and he undid his pants and I had his penis in my hand and he put his hand in my pants and all I wanted was for him not to stop.

    He led my around to the back of the shack, behind some equipment and we took our pants off and I had sex for the first time, under the moonlight with the fair noises all around. When we were done and were dressed again he led me back to the fair and we walked around holding hands. We found my protector and boss and he was royally pissed at me. After my lover left us, kissing me first, my protector and boss lit into me. He made me tell him that I had sex with the guy, and all I told him is that he wished it had been him.

    He 'punished' me and I had to stay close to him the rest of the evening until we were picked up. The next day he came to my house and in my room he gave me the riot act. I had never been yelled at by anyone other than my parents. I was told never again to behave like that. Something took over me that afternoon. I felt remorse for what I had done the night before. Real remorse, I felt really bad right then. I apologized to him and told him I wouldn't misbehave again.

    After that afternoon I never did anything like that again. It was my one and only wild moment. Deep down inside I knew I had done wrong and I had not only done something really stupid, I had hurt my friend in the worst possible way.

    I have lots of memories growing up. Certainly I remember that evening. But the lasting impact was the lecture I got the next day. That lecture straightened me out.

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    This is an excellent lesson in a female's inherent subservience to men. The ONLY concept that 'took over her' the evening she lost her virginity was a young man in need of mating. i.e. she was mandated to submit & consent was never hers to grant.
    Submission & subservience are instinctive for a woman ; further relegating the 'r' word as a outdated, falsely conceived concept.

    It is proper that she was reprimanded the following day by her boss. I'm certain that he took her for sexual relations frequently & whenever he wanted after that incident.
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    My best friend and I were thirteen when we lost our virginity to two nineteen year old carnival workers. We both wore short pleated skirts and our fanciest panties. We wanted to show them but really had no intention of going all the way with any boys.

    He made me hold his penis while he played with me through my panties and then inside of them. He fondled my breasts and then pushed his penis inside of me. I'm not sure how long he had sex with me but my panties were full of his sperm when I got home.

    My stepdad Dad noticed that almost as soon as I got in the door. He spanked me and made me take a bath, lecturing me not to let any boy's to do that again.
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    Most daddies have a hard time knowing some filthy minded boy's seed is swimming in their daughter's once innocent vagina.
    My daddy caught me sneaking in late, took me over his knee for a brisk through my panties spanking. That's when he noticed the boy's that I snuck out with sperm that had leaked into my panties.
    After quite a lecture he admitted that most girls aren't able to say no. Maybe it is the desire to obey?

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