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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I was 16 and our church youth group went on a trip to stay at another church for a week end. We packed one van with sleeping bags and suit cases and hit the road. the other church groups church was about a 12 hour drive. I had known the kids in our group from the time we were in diapers together but had not met any of the kids from the other group.
    Once we got there met the other group and unpacked the van we loaded all our stuff into two rooms in the basement of the church one for guys one for girls. I met their youth pastors a young man about 20 and a young woman about 30. They showed us where to bunk and were bathrooms were etc then told us the rules of the weekend. No smoking no drugs and no mixing with opposite sexes after 12 midnight. Then we had some food it was late Friday night and time to bunk down. Our youth pastors and theirs came in made sure we were all set then went to kitchen area were they were staying. About 2 in the morning I needed to go to bathroom so I stepped over everyone on the floor and headed up stairs to pee. I heard noises from behind a door which was the office. The door was open just a crack so I peeked in. There was the other groups youth pastor sitting in an office chair pants down to his ankles and one of my friends from my youth group lets call him BOB was kneeled down in front of him sucking his big cock. I did not know Bob did such things. I watched and noticed my cock getting hard. I feared being found there looking so ran off to bathroom pissed and wacked off to the picture of my friend sucking that cock.
    I went back to the basement but peeked in the office before I went down they had left the room was now empty. I got back in my sleeping bag. As I did heard my friend get back up and go out the door. I wondered what he was doing so I got up and followed him. There was an area below the stairs he darted in there so I waited a bit then found a spot where I could stand and not be seen but I could see him. He kneeled down in front of a boy from other group and took his cock out and started sucking it. The boy moaned softly and bucked his hips pushing his cock deep in my friend Bobs mouth. I was shocked that thing fit in his mouth and could see his throat bulge as it slid in and out. I stood there and rubbed my crotch and before I knew it had cum in my shorts. Bob was still sucking when I left to go back to sleeping bag. That night I watched Bob get up and go out of room 4 more times but did not follow.
    the next morning after breakfast and some fellowship we had free time to get to know each other. I was talking to the boy I watched Bob suck he was very handsome tall dark hair about 17 very nice and did not seem the gay type at all. As we talked he asked if I was friends with Bob? I said known him since we were babies he smiled and said then you have had some fun with him I bet. I said what do you mean knowing what he meant but hoping he would say. You know that thing he likes to do I bet you have had him do it a lot. I said no never did he looked nervous and took off to other side of chapel. Bob came over and said so you met Jay? he is real nice guy. I blushed for some reason when he said that and for first time since we were kids I felt uncomfortable around Bob. bob picked up on my nervousness and said lets go for a walk. I followed him out of the church and to a small area of woods out back.
    He turned and asked what did Jay say to you. Before he got it all out I said I saw you last night in the office and under stairs. he gulped at that and started to explain I stopped him and said I don't care its up to you what you do but you batter be more careful or someone not so cool about it will see. he smiled and said damn bud I thought you would freak out. I said no its cool I have an uncle who is gay with that he got pissed and said I am not gay I just like to suck guys off. That confused me so I said how can you suck cock and not be gay. he said I love being with girls just like to suck cock. We sat on the hill area covered with pines so we were out of sight of anyone and talked.
    He said in a whisper you know if you ever need sucked I would do it for you. I said thanks but not my thing. he said well just putting it out there in case you ever need it. That weekend Bob must have sucked off their whole youth group they had 9 boys and the Youth pastor and I wondered how many from our group we had 10 guys counting me and Bob.
    The weekend came to an end we packed up late Sunday and headed back home. When we got back to church our parents were there to pick us up. My Mom came over to Bob and said you folks had a family emergency so you will stay with us until they get back. Hearing this my cock jumped in my pants was not sure why but it did. On the drive to our house my mind kept seeing Bob on his knees but it was my cock he was sucking. We got home it was late so set my room up for Bob to have place to sleep I had two twin beds but the extra one was pilled with my stuff I am sort of a slob or was then. bob brushed his teeth and came into the room I was in bed. He sat on the edge of his bed and we talked for a while. I looked at clock it was 3 in the morning. Bob asked think your folks are asleep? I said yes dead to world by now. He looked right in my eyes and said did you think about what I said. I blushed and said well I sort of did but not sure I can do something like that. Like what he asked? You don't have to do anything I will suck you and then sleep like a babby after. I was getting hard my head was in a whirl and damn I was thinking about it and getting exited about it.
    Before I could say anything he pulled my covers back and could see my hard cock in my boxer briefs. I heard him make a mmmm noise and before I knew it he had taken my cock in his mouth. It felt so good so wet hot and soft. I had not done anything with anyone I had fingered a chick and my cousin touched my cock once when I was 7 but my cock had never been inside someone else. I lay back and let him do what he wanted. He sucked me sooo good his hands explored my body. I looked down at him and saw in his face he was in another world and looked like he was enjoying sucking me. It took me a long time but I started to feel my balls tighten and knew my cum was going to gush soon. I whispered to him I was going to cum he speed up and would not let go of my cock. I started my back arched my cock pushed deep in his throat and god damn I shot off my body shaking as he ate my cum. He slurped on it until I was empty. I feel back on the bed my whole body was on fire he stayed down there licking and sucking for a while until I felt my cock get hard again. He sucked me in his mouth and soon had me cum again and again eating it all up. I fell asleep and when I woke the next morning he was already up. I felt like Christmas day I had a smile on my face that would not stop and I was thinking I hope he sucks me again soon. I walked down to the bathroom and noticed my brother door was shut he only shuts if friend is over or he is beating off. I poked me head in to raze him for beating his meat. As I opened the door there was Bob slurping on my brothers cock my brother tossed his head back let out a grunt and a moan and I knew was filling Bobs mouth with his cum. My cock got hard watching them.
    I walked to bathroom thinking what Bob is addicted to cock. I jerked off standing over toilet then went down for breakfast. My Dad was getting ready for work and most if not all mornings was s bear it was best to leave him alone in morning. He had a huge grin on his face and was whistling as he left for work.
    After breakfast Bob and I went for a bike ride and stopped at party store for POp and some chips. We sat on curb and Bob said your cock is bigger than your dads. I looked at him and said how would you know? he smiled at me and said he ran into my dad in bathroom last night and well. I was like OMG Bob had sucked off all the guys in family last night. I know I should have been shocked but knowing my dads cock and my brothers had been in his mouth made me hard. We went behind the party store near the dumpsters and Bob got down on his knees and sucked me again my legs almost gave out after he just got up like nothing had happened and said lets go to the park. We rode off and that summer I never had to jerk off. Bob stayed at my house a lot and my dad seemed much happier and my older brother and I lay side by side in my bed and let Bob suck us off while the other watched.
    I went into army after High School and lost ouch with Bob My brother is married with kids and Dad likes to relax at the local park I would later learn why he was getting sucked off by other men in his car. I was home on leave once and ran into Bob in town he smiled shook my hand and introduced me to his wife and baby daughter. When he shook my hand he winked at me and said lets meet up for coffee and gave me his number. I called later that day and we met in town. we talked for a bit then he said you know what I said when we were kids still stands I can take care of anything you need. I blushed and laughed and my cock got hard. We ended our meeting with Bob slobbering on my cock and working three loads out of me he had gotten better at it and seemed very hungry. I dropped him of at his car gave him a hug and said thanks he said no problem and as he got in his car he yelled tell your brother I have Friday off I know you will be headed back to the Army life so see ya when I see ya. I shut my door and was a bit jealous of my brother who seems was still getting his cock suck regular. That's when I decided I needed to find me another cock sucker when I got back to post. I did find one but that's another story. God I have not talked to anyone other than brother about that and my cock is hard thinking about it. I may need to look Bob up on Facebook LOL

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