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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I never felt I was a "sex addict" but it was on my mind so often that I found a rehab facility and decided to attend rehab sessions. I met a wild-eyed, skinny blonde in the class and we started fucking right after that first class in her car and continued in the following days and weeks, like mad. We have now fucked hundreds of times in just a few months. When we fuck, she uses the most obscene language I ever heard and hearing it drives me even deeper into her. She has told me some of her history as a sex addict and it's so wild I don't feel it should be posted even here. It's so far out I don't trust its reality.

    She has confessed that she came to the class just to find someone like me who can service her energetically for long periods. She has zero interest in "rehab" and this bothers me but she has now trapped me.

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    this seems like the best thing for both of you. neither of you will ever get enough of the other. it's perfect. :) <3 <3
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    When and where do you meet? I'd like to take her on and bring her home to the wife. Maybe she could even move in with us.
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    When I was still a twink kid I went to a support group for gay and bi guy's looking to control their sexually urge's. I was a fresh cute little punk looking fifteen year old that my parents were trying to "straighten out!" My tight barely fucked ass got fucked after every meeting.
    There was only one other teenage kid there who was seventeen. He was the first one I had sex with. Then it was all Men , mostly married that "offered me a ride home." And ride is what they did.
    Mom and Dad were so proud of me going to these weekly meetings. Lol. They'd caught me with my best friend at a sleepover. It was the third time we'd gone all the way, I was the bottom. They were horrified knowing that their cute, preppie looking son was taken by another boy. I wasn't taken, I was giving.
    They had no clue that by the end of my first month of meetings, "to cure my affliction." I'd slept with another boy, suckd and got fuckd twice by a black man, and a married cop. I told um that a bunch of us would stop for a burger, that's why I was late.

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