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    Straight Female / 32

    I am traveling out of town and found out before I got here there was a swingers club nearby, which I sometimes frequent locally. I decided to get more adventurous since I didn't know these people.

    I found one guy and told him I had a fantasy for a bunch of men to run a train on me, fucking only, with me faced away from me. He came with two other male friends.

    We agreed to go to a private room in the club. I told these three I would give them a special treat. I stripped for them. They took turns licking my pussy and I "fluffed" all them up and got them hard. I did tell them I could not fluff anyone else and the blow jobs were only theirs.

    I bent over the bed for the first one and he started fucking me until he got off. When the second one started the first one said he would go get others.

    It didn't take long before word got out a train was being run in the club. I am not sure how many I fucked, but I had guys lined up outside the door waiting for their turn to get in. I lost count around 15. The new guys fucking me from behind wasn't allowed to stick his dick in my mouth but he could get rough with my tits or play with my ass.

    When I was done and wiped myself off and got dressed. I could hear other women say, "OMG, can you believe that trashy woman? So disgusting"

    Everybody was staring at me in disgust. I loved it.

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    I admire you my good lady . This was so hot and enjoyable !
    5 days ago

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