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    Straight Female / 42

    I have a gay male friend and like to go to female strip clubs with him. Why? Lots of horny guys are in strip clubs.

    I strike up conversations with them and go have quickies in the bathroom or their car outside.

    My gay male friend gets so worked up from it . To reward him for taking me I bend over and let him fuck my ass. His lover has no idea why we are so close.

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    Being gay is just another sneaky way for men to be close to women and fuck them
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    I like a woman that goes around satisfying stranger cocks... Probably cause I'm a stranger lol
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    My wife and I went to a party at her gay friends house. We're newlyweds and both of us have a cute boyishness about us. We even dress alike sometimes. I'm twenty and she's twenty-two.
    We got drunk and both of us were bottoms up taking it in both of our tight butt's. It kinda changed me and I've snuck back for more. Turned out she's been doing the same.
    I know I'm still boyishly feminine and I'll probably stop when I get older, but I'm gonna make the best of an exciting thing.

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