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    how can these senile crazy old royals in uk marry this violent jailbag family? I can see those uk royals starting up their own kadashian tv show at some point.

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    That'a mean spirited and inappropriate for this site. Keep your self discomfort to yourself
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    There are all types of people in this world,young lady.Lust brings them together and better sense,which prevails later,separates them,at a heavy price to the man.
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    Right on sister I am with you 100%. Like that show on Netflix come to life. He must be a complete and total moron. She's a nappy headed gold digger and nothing but damaged goods. Just from all the bs she had on social media you know she is an empty headed ho. If all this shit goes down what will be most surprising is that neither his dad or grand dad or uncles or any other elder male relative ever seem to take the time to get him to understand that these types of bitches are what you keep on the side but you never marry them.

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