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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 43

    This is a story about desire, not reality, so know that in advance.

    I crave a woman to do nasty things for me whenever I desire it. The ideal woman would be heavier than a lot of guys like, built like Christina Hendricks but with a bit bigger hips and legs, and very pretty with a little weight in her face, with nice full lips, but not âpuffyâ. Hair color can be blonde, Auburn red, or brunette. Blue or green, or brown eyes. Creamy light skin, and pink or purple lipstick, if any.

    She would be the type that is shy and insecure, and lives to please a man she can call her own so this makes her willing to do anything I want. She has a secret fetish, maybe from her insecurity, but she loves the feeling of being dirty, degraded and humiliated from doing nasty things while I watch. She craves it all the time and wants me to have her do it often, but is too shy to ask me herself.

    So what would I do with this wonderful girl? Well.....I have some fetishes myself. I have extreme desires for dirty handjobs, blowjobs, licking a pussy, teasing and edging, masturbation for show, and being nasty with cum. I like intercourse sex as well as anyone but these activities turn me on far more, mostly because of how nasty they can be.

    So I will describe IN DIRTY DETAIL the exact ways I need her to service me, perform on herself for me, and allow herself to be used, and manipulated to cum for me while I watch.

    I would tell her I need a slow dirty cock petting and she must be naked while doing it. I want to sit back comfortably in my arm chair with my legs spread and supported and I want her on her knees so she can use two hands, and be ready to use her mouth and tongue if told to do so, but she is only to do as told and no more.

    I need her to very slowly and gently use her fingertips to stroke the skin where my balls meet my legs, and also in behind. Use no lube because I want to feel her fingers glide across softly and I love how it feels dry. She will do this with just one hand for now and move so slowly that she is just barely moving. She will just sit quietly and stroke me so I can enjoy watching her. I also want her to occasionally softly pet my ball sack as she would a cat. Just rub my nuts.

    Soon my precum will bead up on my cock head and Iâll have her use a finger on her other hand to touch it as she continues nut stroking. This first bead is small so sheâs just brushing it away. Iâll tell her to rub it between her finger and thumb and feel itâs oily texture. As more comes out I want her to use just one finger and rub it around on the tip of my cock and then lick her finger afterward. When more comes out again, then Iâll have her begin collecting it on this same finger and licking it off. Sheâs milking my precum from me by nutstroking and letting it ooze. After watching her be nasty with her fingers Iâll tell her itâs time to just use her tongue as my cock produces its juice. So then another little bead begins to form and I tell her to wait and let it grow. Just before it is big enough to drip I tell her to lean in and lick it off slowly. I want to see it string from my cock to her tongue as she backs away.

    By now my body is beginning to quiver from all of her nut play and my cum load is building up inside me. But I want this action to last a long time so I wonât let her stimulate my cock yet. I rare back, sliding down in the chair and pushing my ass towards the edge. The chair back reclines so I am able to keep my feet pulled up on the edge of the seat. In this position my ass crack spreads and my balls are fully exposed. I tell her to get down there and use those sexy lips on my nut sack and to use that tongue on my ass and balls, both. She immediately does so, licking and wagging her tongue across my taint and hole just the way I like it, and occasionally licks up and across my balls like itâs a scoop of icecream. She also uses her lips to massage my sack in a dirty kissing motion while looking at me for approval. I nod a couple of times to let her know sheâs doing a good job.

    My swollen cock is leaking like a faucet all over my belly as she does this so when I have a small puddle I tell her to stop and stand up, come around to the side and slurp it up. When sheâs gotten the last bit up, swallow it and then put her lips on my cock and deepthroat it to the base, slowly, and just once. All the way to the bottom. As she does it I tell her sheâs a good girl!

    Now she can return to her kneeling position and continue her dirty finger stroking, but now I want some slow stroking of my cock too. By now I have decided that this isnât going to be finished as a hand job because her lips just look too good and I want my cock in them soon, but I still want to see her just finger stroke it a few times. One finger just lightly touching the underside and dragged slowly downward to my nuts. Start at the top and stroke down, then return to the top and repeat, while continuing the same dirty nut stroking from before.

    As she does this I tell her she looks pretty with my cock honey all over her wet lips. She was unable to slurp up her cum puddle without getting her mouth and chin wet with it, and when she slobbed my cock her own saliva made it even worse.

    It is now that I let her know sheâs made a quite large cum load from all of her nastiness and that I want to blow it in her mouth soon. So as she continues her current cock touching I tell her new instructions will be to take about 3/4 of my cock in her mouth and begin a short stroking, slow blowjob while continuing her ball rubbing. I want to feel her lips and cheeks softly, not tightly, around my head and shaft and I want to be sucked off to completion and beyond. She is not to swallow. I want to see this very large load of cum erupt from the sides of her mouth as she sucks and make a mess of her face and chin. Let it drip onto her large tits and just continue sucking as if it hasnât even happened. Ok, now begin!

    I sit up just a little to make my cock stand up where she can get at it. She moved forward and opens her mouth, sucking it in nearly to the base, stopping about two inches short, and begins her soft head bobbing just as she was told. I tell her sheâs being a good little slut and soon Iâll reward her with a mouthful of cum since sheâs worked so hard to get it.

    She continues her dirty action, showing no signs that she even heard what I said, although I know she did. She does her best to suck in silence and just be of service but the thought of how dirty sheâs being and that Iâm about to cum in her filthy mouth makes her so giddy inside that she canât help but let out a low little moan of pleasure. Her pussy is so wet that her legs are slippery as they rub together a little as she moves on her knees and bobs up and down, mouth wrapped around a thick cock, and one hand on its balls, her other hand on the floor to help support her. She fights the urge to suck faster, and I sense this and remind her that itâs about me. I know sheâs feeling dirty and enjoying it but she sucking my cock and I want it this way. However, I do want to cum soon, partly because I want to lick that wet pussy of hers, so I tell her to go ahead and increase her motion to take my whole cock in now. Iâm close to cumming and I want to be deep in her mouth when I blow. My cock is only about 6â long and easy to suck. I know I can have almost all of it in her mouth, cum a huge load, and have her not swallow. In her position, it will spill back out anyway so this helps.

    Ok, itâs about to happen now and I tell her but she already knows. She can tell from my heavy breathing, and my cock stiffening up and beginning to throb. I tell her not to change her pace or stop, that Iâm going to cum, and keep sucking! She dutifully continues and I erupt a large, gushing load in her mouth as she slobs away! Her hands continue ball stroking and my cock shoots a fountain of sticky jism all over her tongue, teeth, cheeks, and throat. She never stops bobbing, and just lets it leak out around her loosely fitted lips, still wrapped around my shaft and sliding up and down. Waves of cum shoot forth, four or five heavy bursts, totaling the inside of her mouth in a sloppy mess. My body is engulfed in overwhelming pleasure as I cum between the lips of this wide assed girl as she continues sucking my cock like a seasoned whore! After the throbbing subsides, I continue to leak out more cum as the last bits are sucked from my head, her tongue working the underside of my shaft, sliding from the base to the head to make sure sheâs drained the vein completely. Then I thank her and she sits up to allow me to see her totaled face. Her pink lipstick is glistened in cum and it drips from her bottom lip and hangs in a stream from her chin as well. She has done just as she was told and allowed her mouth to be flooded, and didnât swallow so I could see it all spill out. I really love that! Love making a gooey mess of her pretty face! I snap a picture on my phone and show it to her so she can see what she looks like, and then let her know I may share it online, or jerk off to it sometime. I see a momentary anxious look in her eyes and I like to think itâs because sheâd rather me use her instead of jerking myself. A moment later this look is replaced with a different sort of anxious look as I tell her to clean me up, using her mouth of course, and swallow every drop, and then get up in the chair and spread her legs so I can lick that soaking wet twat! I let her know I wonât forget her ass either, and that Iâll be tongue teasing her clit for an extended period of time before finally letting her cum on my face. Of course all of this will get me hard again so Iâll need another dirty sucking! Or maybe a tittie jack! Aw, who am I kidding, I love her mouth the most, so maybe Iâll just have her sit in the floor leaning against the bed, hands cuffed behind her back, and just fuck her beautiful face pussy until blowing off, and this time she can swallow it down! But for now, I want to hear her moan and scream as I jam my tongue as deep into her c**t as possible, and tease the life out of her aching, tingling clit!

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