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    Straight Male / 23

    I've never told anyone this before...

    When I was eighteen, I was extremely horny and wanted to have sex. I wasn't a virgin, but craved cumming and not doing it by myself. I looked up random, free ways to meet people to have sex with.

    I stumbled upon a black woman's ad for blowjobs. She wasn't asking for money, she claimed she just wanted to give blowjobs because she enjoyed it and she was discreet and disease free.

    I responded asking for a picture and received a video of a decent enough looking black woman absolutely gobbling a black man's cock and then pictures of her blowing two different cocks. Excited, I responded and she sent me the address.

    Twenty minutes later, I walked into a dimly lit apartment as she opened the door for me. We didn't exchange names, she just led me to her bedroom, pushed me on the bed, and started undoing my jeans. I was already hard, but the moment she wrapped her lips around my cock, it was like nothing I had ever had before or since.

    She first started kissing my cock head, quickly sucking
    it after that. She sucked it in, and, as she swallowed it down her throat, ran her tongue up and down it in different directions and somehow vibrated her lips against it at the same time. She gurgled and her lips flapped even harder as she took me all the way in (8 and 1/2 inches) and her lips and throat vibrated while she rapidly slammed her head up and down it, using her throat like a sleeve.

    I was trying so hard not to cum but it felt so good. I tried to push her off but she literally grabbed my hips and forced me to lay still while she basically force fucked my cock with her throat. She would only occasionally break to spit mixed globs of saliva and precum on my cock, lather it on with her tongue and lips, slurp up the excess that would start to pool at the base of my cock, then begin the intense vibration/throat sucking again. It honestly began to feel like her entire throat was trying to suck my cock down.

    How I finally came? I looked down at her and as she shoved her head all the way down my cock violently, making me sheath my cock down her tight throat and her lips flapped against the base of it, causing little drops of slobber to fly onto my hips, her eyes crossed, like in a hentai, and she stayed there for about a minute without even trying to raise her head. Just throat soaking, lips flapping, eyes crossed.

    I came harder than I literally ever have. It was like a firehose, and more came out than I had ever came before. I would bet money that if she hadn't had her face against my navel, the sun would have hit the ceiling it came out of me so hard. I immediately felt her gulping it all down. The best way I can describe it is She was greedy. And her eyes were STILL crossed. She throat fucked my cock for another 30 seconds after I was done spurting, sucking out everything from the tip. Then she buckled up my jeans, led me, wobbly legged, to her door, and I left.

    It still boggles my mind how she simultaneously sucked my cock with her throat, vibrated her lips, and used her tongue the way she did.

    I sadly deleted the emails because I was afraid of getting caught, and she never put the ad back up, or I just never saw it. Sometimes I still jack off to the image of this nameless black woman gulping my seed, with her eyes crossed like some slutty maniac.

    Als o, sadly, every blowjob has been a major disappointment ever since.

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    I can't match that except in one detail. I had a German girlfriend for a while, divorced from an English guy, and very horny. One night we went back to my place and she informed me she had her period. I said 'Okay, well nothing happening then," but she said 'Oh yes there is,' led the way up to my bedroom, laid me on the bed, stripped me off and began sucking. She pulled the foreskin right back over the glans, and was wanking the shaft, while her teeth ran back and forth across the glans, her lips massaged the shaft just above her hand, and her tongue flickered lightly back and forth across the tip. It was my first ever blowjob, and like the poster I have never had a worthwhile one since!
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    She was probably a he.
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    right to the point, I had 3 women different time in my life back in

    the day. two of them were white and the other one was black, Those

    women love to suck and suck, to them it was better than fucking.

    suck you dry and come back for more. yes there are women like this .


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