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    Straight Male / 24

    I want to be absolutely clear that I consider myself straight. I've never been turned on by guys. The closest I've ever been is turned on by passable shemales, and now I have a fantasy due to a childhood experience...

    When I was 15, I was just beginning to consider ideas about different kinds of sex. I was thinking about giving a girl anal and I wondered what it would feel like to have a full dick in your ass. I had tried sticking a few small things up my ass about a year back, but never really got anything out of it.

    I went into the bathroom to jack off and (disclaimer, weird) noticed a brand new plunger my mom had just bought yesterday. It had a plastic handle with a few gentle ridges. Nothing to extreme, but the way the handle was shaped at the end made it remind me of a small penis. That's when I got the idea.

    I made sure to lock the bathroom door, then I took off the tag from the handle. I sucked it up and down a little bit like I had seen girls do with dicks in porn, then spit on it and rubbed it around with my fingers for good measure.

    Then I gripped it lower on the shaft (it was about 2 feet long), close to the actual plunger. I remember sticking it to the ground so it wouldn't shift much. I then stripped off all my clothes EXCEPT my socks, spitting on the top of the handle a little more to be sure it was wet.

    I then turned around and began lowering my 15 year old, virgin ass to the handle. I guided it to the entrance with my hands and started pushing my weight down a little. It hurt a little bit and I only got the very tip in.

    Right at that moment, on the linoleum floor of our bathroom, one of my socked feet slipped. Not much, but just enough that my ass, with the tip still barely inside, thrust onto the handle and immediately I was filled with about 6 inches. At that very instant, my cock, which had been soft, became fully erect as I just felt this "penis" shoved in my ass. I slowly pulled myself off. Even though it had only been one thrust, it had been enough to cause the saliva to bubble and there was a white coating on the tip. I licked the tip just to try it, then cleaned it and beat off in the shower, not thinking much else about it.

    Now, years later, I've developed this weird fantasy of a foreplay with a gorgeous shemale being my mommy and forcing me to have sex with her. I want to slobber all over her dick as she says nasty things like "You like the taste of mommy's cock?" I really want her to throat fuck me. I mean, we are talking me gagging, spitting, and slobbering all over her cock. Then, once I've lubed up her dick enough, for her to turn me around and just began pounding my ass.

    I want to feel her balls slap against my cheeks as she fucks me, saying things like "take mommy's cock" and "You're such a good boy. Your ass feels so good around mommy's dick." Then I want her to empty her load inside me, bareback.

    Then she can pull out and make me "clean mommy's dick" and suck all her jizz and my ass off it, getting hard in the process and cumming a second time in my mouth and down my eager throat. Then, as a reward, she sucks me off and swallows my cum.

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