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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 35

    I have one of the most unique jobs ever! My boss is a huge African-American lady, exotically beautiful in an Amazonian style, with an ass to die for - or under! She works from home, and my 'job' consists of anything between eight to eighteen hours in the utter sensory deprivation of her magnificent rear-end! She has a purpose-made chair, like a recliner, which allows her to totally engulf my face and head, including ears. A taped in place nasal cannula allows me to breathe, and her huge clit half-fills my mouth, making it both simple and enjoyable to suck, lick, and nibble, through almost endless well-spaced out orgasms, which I swallow or choke on. My choice! When she finally tires of this, a small shift of her bulk put her rear orifice over my mouth, and full service is required here too! I am paid a generous hourly rate, and as much overtime as she requires! Counting weekend, I work an average of sixty amazing hours a week, always hoping for more! Occasional breaks for bathroom, food and hydration, break up the work-week somewhat, minimally. She is almost insatiable to the point of near clinical nymphomania, I suspect, and I am so accustomed to what she needs and wants that she climaxes around ten times a day, messily and copiously, all of which I must swallow or choke on! She offered to double my generous wage if I care to act as a human toilet for her, and after trying it one time, I think I will sign the contract! It seems to fulfill some deep dark need within me, which I neither understand, no care about. It is what it is, and now, a year later, I am comfortably off, financially, and addicted to my work, which I intend to remain at, or in, for the foreseeable future, to her satisfaction. I can masturbate unless she slaps my hand away, sometimes, probably enjoying my unfixable arousal. The delay/denial just seems to emphasize the severity of my body-bondage!

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