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    Straight Male / 37

    Eighteen months ago my wife told me to enter our bedroom and accept what was on the bed. Entering I found a young woman lay naked on our bed, slowly playing with her pussy. Turning around my wife said "She's all yours honey, happy birthday, fuck her all night if you want. I'd love you to". She closed the door and I had an amazing night of sex with nineteen year old hooker.
    The next morning after showering, it was if it was perfectly normal for us to have a hooker around for breakfast, as we all are together and the girls chatted. When she left my wife asked me if it had been a good night of sex. I was reticent at first, but the more we spoke the more my wife wanted to know about the details. Eventually my wife got on her knees, removed my comfy's and my boxers and sucked on my cock until I was aching to fuck her. Placing herself over the breakfast table she told me "Fuck any hole you want". For the first time in a long long time, I fucked my wife's asshole and couldn't believe how many times she came as I screwed her.
    Later the same day, she confessed to me that it had been a fantasy of hers for some time to know I was in the same house screwing a younger woman. She also admitted she'd have preferred to watch, but didn't want to on my first time with another female. When I asked what she meant by first time, she responded by telling me I could fuck more women as long as they were young and pretty.
    Now I'm no fool, so I held off thinking it was a set up for divorce maybe. But a fortnight later she arrived home with an extremely good looking younger woman, again a hooker and told me she was going to watch me fuck her. I swear by the time I'd cum three times, each time spurting my loads over the girls tits or face, my wife must have orgasmed over a dozen times watching us. Once again after breakfast she had me fuck her, but that time it was in the shower.
    It wasn't normal and it was freaking me out a little. So I sat her down and practically forced her to tell me all. My wife very simply said "I love watching your cock fucking other women, just like when you fucked Hanah".
    Hanah was a young neighbor of ours, who after only a month of moving in across the street was taking my cock up her pussy and ass. My wife and I had had a hard time with her libido hitting rock bottom. So having a young twenty year old, a very attractive twenty year old come onto me, I did what any red blooded male would do, I had a very intense very sexual nine month affair.
    My wife apparently had witnessed Hanah and I fucking one afternoon, but had suspected well before she saw us. And it had so she said, sparked her sex drive off again. Five weeks later my wife introduced me to the young hooker on my birthday and we haven't looked back since. Hanah was sent packing, not because of her affair with me, but because she wouldn't have sex with me, with my wife present (Still miss the little slut). However we have now moved on from hookers as we have a regular young woman who visits our home frequently. I'm not going to say what she is to us, but she is part of the family. My wife adores her and they often have time alone together without me being present. Yet it's when I'm fucking her and my wife watches, that she says she gets the most enjoyment.
    To me it's a win win scenario, and one I hope my wife still wants to indulge in for the rest of our marriage.
    Signed.... one very lucky guy, who's so honored to be my wife's husband.

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