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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    My wife Becky walked in a fortnight ago and basically said she knew about my past. I'd never told her about my college days and how I'd enjoyed fucking lots of guys my age or a little younger. Only meeting my first real girlfriend stopped my desires in that direction. Becky said she'd been talking to an old college friend of mine and he'd pretty much told her everything.
    This is where it gets weird.
    Once she'd said what she had, I went to talk, but Becky turned to me and said "I wish I'd have found out earlier, because I'd love to watch you fuck another guy". Stunned at what she'd just said I sat there saying nothing, and Becky then added "You know Chris fancies you don't you. You should fuck him and let me walk in on you".
    Next week and I didn't arrange this, Chris will be visiting. He's twenty years old, very feminine and a has always as long as I've known him, flirted with me. Only last year he tried to corner me during a party we held for Becky's birthday. I managed to put him off, but would have fucked him, or at least have him suck me off, if I'd have known about Becky's sexual deviance.
    Next we I won't be holding off. And Becky better get used to me wanting sex with young guys from now on.

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    I've read this story before on here. It's still shite.

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