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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    This is about 12 years ago and I was still in HS, Walking across town I stopped at a public park to take a leak in the men's room. As I started to unzip, an adult man positioned himself at the next urinal. I heard him unzipping as I began to urinate. Then, a third man, around his age, I guessed early 30's, came in and told the second man, "That's some hunk of cock you have there."

    AS I was finishing, the two men walked into a booth and I heard a lot of sounds, moans and groans, sucking and slurping noises from the booth. What happened next was one of the weirdest feelings I had in my life. I was so possessed by the mystery of what was happening in the booth that I could not leave the toilet. My cock grew hard and I pulled it out and started stroking it. They must have heard me because the booth door opened and they were standing there with impressive, hard cocks.

    They saw me and waved me over. We were now all three in the booth. One of the older men sat on the pot and began to suck the two of us off. I was struck by the fact that this was all happening because it was all brand new to me. The two of them stood silent as a man walked into the room, pissed and left, then went back to the sex we were doing. One whispered, "You're young, I like that. We'll both suck you off at the same time if we can fuck you." The second one said, "I like that idea."

    I had no idea how to back out of this scene so I said, "Sure." They both managed to find parts of the toilet to sit on and and proceeded to lick and suck on my balls and cock together. They seemed to love it and I enjoyed it all. Then, one took a tube of something from his pants on the floor and slathered it on his cock, handing the tube to the larger cocked guy. He went behind me and standing up he wrapped his arms around my torso and slipped his lubricated hard rod into my anus. It felt amazing to me. He began moaning as he fucked me and the big cock guy was still sitting, sucking on my engorged cock. He lightly grabbed my balls as he sucked and I felt the guy behind me begin to cum. This set me off and I came in the big cock's guys' mouth. He did not allow a drop to escape.

    Then, they switched places and the big cock was pushed slowly into my ass. He never moved as fast as the first guy but fucked me with long, deep strokes. I loved it. I could feel his hilt on my rim and his balls flat on my ass cheeks. The second guy wanted me to come in his mouth as well and tried hard with his tongue and sucking my cock. I watched them both fuck each other after they had both come up my ass and I could not keep up with them so I just watched the action, wanking lightly.

    After that day, I became obsessed with more action, hung around the toilet, hoping the two guys or even just one would show up but it never happened. Half a year later I met a young twink, even younger than me. He was blonde and effeminate. We started by jerking each other than slipped into a booth to fuck and suck. We met there for a few months and I graduated HS and moved on to college miles away. I posted bi on this because although I love cocks, I also love to fuck a girl and when I am close, to slip it deep up her ass and come hard.

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