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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 22

    I love to cheat on my partner, I get no better excitement than chasing and going balls deep in new pussy.

    One night I got a message from a girl who was 16 at the time, telling me she finally wanted to meet up because her parents werenât home. I just got off of work and sped over there like a horned maniac, telling my girl good night and I love you, we donât live together. When I arrived i saw the 5 foot 4 petite Asian girl called Emily, waiting out the front for me. I walked up to her and gave her a big hug, straight away realising she had no bra on.

    We went inside and started watching a movie for a bit, I got bored really quick and wanted to fuck the shit out of this girl, I started to tickle her and flirt saying she wasnât strong enough to stop me, eventually I worked my hands to her inner thighs and under her pink little panties, she stopped and gave a cute little blushing smile. I proceeded to slip my pointer finger in her pink little pussy, she was so fucking tight I was surprised I managed to even one finger in, I was stroking her so gently and rubbing on her g spot, she was so wet I felt her juices running down my wrist, she was panting really hard after about 20 seconds and groaning like a woman in a porno, I build up more speed, she let out those high pitches yeses, then her head snapped back and she squirted her warm pussy juice all over my hand with a final squeal. After she told me she didnât know she was a squirter and boys her age never made her come like that before. Mind you she came in under a minute.

    She grabbed me by the hand and led me down stairs to her bedroom, she turned around and took of her top showing her nice c cup boobs with adorable Hershey kiss nipple, then turned away from me and slowly slipped of her pink panties and revealing that baby smooth vag, she crawled into the bed layed in her back and spread her legs wide in the air, and said âcome here daddyâ I walked slowly up to her and started kissing her ankle working my way slowly worked my way down her thighs, then took a big looong lick of that silky smooth little puss, started munching on her clit and fingering her g spot again, this time she came in under a minute, squirming and screaming in pleasure, nearly crushing my head with her thighs.

    After she finished her orgasm she looked at me still panting âtake my virginity, I want to know what it feels like to have you inside me babyâ I put the head of my cock at the gates of heaven and slowly pushed my way through her tight little flaps with my pulsating rock hard cock, half way through she she gave a little Yelp, I knew I was through her virgin walls, I had made her a woman, I knew the hard part was over so a slid my veiny cock all the way to my balls pressing against her wet asshole, she gave me a look that said I want you to ravage me, sos I started to pump her will my balls slapping against her cheeks, she started to moan again, biting her lip and panting yes yes as I built up more speed, her tits bouncing up and down like lovely water balloons âfuck me daddy, make me cumâ I went hard and fast, pussy juice dripping off my ball sack âFUUUUUCKâ she screamed and a gush of squirt covered my cock. She looked so happy and relaxed that she lay there for a minute just enjoying herself. She asked me if I had came and I almost did and she said she wanted to finish me off with a blow job because she was feeling a bit sensitive from all the fucking.

    Emily took me to the couch in her bedroom, tying her hair back she pursed her lips around my knob, tasting her own scent, her head started to bob up and down, slobbering up and down my whole shaft and massaging my balls as she went, some of the best head Iâve ever had, and from a 16 year old girl at that, I could feel myself coming and let out heavy breaths to give her a heads up, she said she would take my load in her mouth, she was like a fucking Dyson cleaner with that mouth slurping up and down my cock like a madwoman, I let out a loud moan and blew my load in her mouth, she sucked as hard as she could getting every last drop and swallowed every bit, good girl, we went back to bed tired from the night and she said she could wait to get to know me and make something out of the night, I didnât tell her I had a gf. So we fell asleep and I luckily woke up before her, I snuck out and drove off, I got a text about ten minutes after from her saying she loved me and couldnât wait to see me again, so I blocked her number and deleted my fake fb account, went home to a shower to get her pussy off me and sent my gf a good morning text.

    I miss high school.

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    Yes high school. I fondled several girls. They would orgasm easy at that age.

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