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    Straight Male / 46

    I was the youngest of four brothers. My mother had expected a girl and when I was little, before I started school, she dressed me in girl clothes. More than one pictures exists with my brothers and me in girl's clothes and curly blond hair. I wore 'panties' for a long long time, well into school. It wasn't until I started cub scouts that I stopped with the panties. In my teens I borrowed some panties out of my cousin's dresser and wore them when I was alone.

    With panties on I feel good. It just feels good, they are sheer and feminine, I love pastel colors, and lace is nice. I always use a stall, that way I can sit to pee, I wipe when I'm done, tuck myself into my panties, and go on with my day.

    I work in a fairly masculine job, but I never leave the house in anything other than panties.

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    I too wear panties. Growing up my mom bought me the typical tighty whities as she thought they were cute and good underwear. But one day they were all dirty so she gave me a pair of my sisters panties to wear. Said they for just like boys briefs, you’ll be fine wearing them. They were bikini style and after a day of wearing them I was hooked. I wore tighty whities for a week after and they were uncomfortable. When I asked my mom about wearing panties she said I understand. She always thought men’s briefs were just too thick and rough of fabric. So she started buying me bikini style panties. My mom preferred buying those as they were cheaper and fit me way better too. Even to this date I still buy and wear bikini panties. My wife thinks it’s hot too

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