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    Straight Male / 25

    Iâve always wanted to just meet up with a stranger and start an affair or have a one night stand with a woman who is just sick of toys or the shower head.
    Not a prostitute or anything like that just a normal everyday woman who needs a fix. But Iâm super cautious about these websites and apps. Any suggestions?

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    I've had sex with four women almost immediately after meeting them - in once case it was within two hours. Three of them made it pretty obvious they were up for it. The fourth one, the two hour one, I met at a party. I didn't know many people there, and I left the main party room and saw her furtively swigging from a bottle in the kitchen. I guessed immediately she was nerving herself to get fucked that night, so I walked into the kitchen (she hastily stashed the bottle in her handbag), and said 'Hi - give us a kiss then!" She did, and we started making out. I should add that the reason I was so bold was that I had recently been disillusioned by a relationship where it seemed a woman was more interested in my money than anything else, so I was feeling reckless. So after a few minutes making out I said "Let's go back to your place." She agreed, and halleujah! she lived just across the street. I'd have been fucking her in less than one hour, but she asked if I could find someone for her sister, who was not all that alluring. After two of my friends turned it down I said "Come on, we're just wasting time." We left, and she asked me to sit in my car until she had got rid of the babysitter. This took about five minutes, then we went upstairs, stripped off, and got down to business. She said "I'm dry, XXXXX," so I pulled her legs apart and licked her pussy out, then fucked the ass off her - unprotected. We talked for a bit, then I fucked her again, and then drove home. She was absolutely delighted that I didn't even know her name - and wouldn't tell me. A few days later I drove down again, and it was a repeat performance except that while I was fucking her the second time her eight year old son walked into the room. She hastily pushed me off so I was behind her, and threw the coverlet over me, but I think he was too sleepy to notice anything. She then took him back to bed and got him to sleep, being very sweet to him. She came back and I finished fucking her again, then went home. She tried to contact me a few times by letter (luckily I didn't have a phone) but I had previously met a black woman I really liked who'd been holding out on me, and when she came across I dropped the party girl as it would have been a bit inconvenient.

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