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    Straight Female / 32

    I am 32, divorced, no children. I work as a sales rep for a software company and visited a convention with an overnight at the hotel.

    He showed up out of the crowd, asked some very insightful questions, rephrased my presentation for me, stared at my naked ring finger and asked me why I was unmarried. He told me I was too pretty to be alone, he asked me to stand so he could take me all in, to twirl for him. He told me I had nice curves, and he really liked how my pants accentuated my form.

    He offered me dinner, if I wanted to spend some time with a man.

    Dinner at a nice restaurant, nothing cheap, but not over the top. The conversation was all over the place, travel, interests, college days, brothers and sisters, when we left he put his arm around my shoulder and I put my arm around his waist. I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed me while we were waiting for the Uber to arrive and pick us up and take us back to the hotel.

    Naked, oral sex, intercourse, the most amazing time, definitely I needed to be with a man, a man who just wanted me, like he wanted me that night. I have been horny before, but now I know what it is to feel that you need to have intercourse, to prove to him that you want to be with him.

    The next day I had breakfast with him, he delayed his flight, took me to the airport and the kiss he gave me when I had to board left me shaking inside.

    We talk, we text, we see each other on weekends, he has shown me his house, he wants the company, someone to make it worth coming home to, at least that is what he tells me.

    I am still spinning, it has only been two months and I think about how I would want to live in his house.

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