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    Straight Male / 25

    Iâve always wanted to hook up with random women who just need a sexual fix, like a friends with benefits or one night stand kinda gig. Not interested in escorts or prostitutes, just an average woman who wants to get laid but Iâve always been cautious about these hookup websites, does anyone have any recommendations on how to meet women who just wanna fuck?

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    There IS a way.
    You ever checked into those youth hostels or travel hostels for students? I have many many times. There cheap and GREAT places to be.

    Now you'll find a lot of females traveling away from home, Japanese, French, American etc and most didn't have sex since they started traveling.

    These places are great for chatting up and you have loads of time too.

    Look in that direction. Those girls are clean.

    Good luck bro!

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