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    Straight Male / 55

    I didn’t cheat but my wife did. We went through all 12 grades together. Became a couple in jr high and married after a year of college. We almost broke up in high school. I played football, she was a flag girl in the band. Friends told me she would let a guy in the band finger her on the bus trip after the game. I thought she was hot because her guy was playing football. I forgave her and we stayed together. We got married had three children. She had her tubes tied so no more children. I worked in the hospital mainly nights, she was office manager of an electronic business. Busy family we seemed to be happy and going good. I noticed my wife started having different behavior. We started having a much better sex life. She starting wanting sex more often and getting more aggressive. What got my attention was her buying several sexy panties and bras. She would only wear a set on Thursday which she would be off work after lunch. We were doing good so I mainly was curious. She would get groceries before she came home. When she came in from groceries I noticed she would take a quick bath. I finally went into full suspension she may be cheating. She had shaved her pubic hair and lost weight and exercised more. I was home a Thursday afternoon with the kids. She gets home 4 hours after she gets off work. I unload the groceries my wife goes and gets in the bath. I go into the bathroom with her and notice two hickies on her breast. I brought it to her attention but she said I must have did it the previous night. They were fresh red so I just walked out. I thought about her probably cheating but we were a happy family and I didn’t want to mess it up. I had to know so I watched every thing she did. We were having the best sex of our marriage and I knew she loved me. I arranged for my parents to keep the kids the next Thursday. I parked at her work and watched her walk to her car and I followed her to the grocery store and park. About the time I thought I may be mistaken she got out of her car and got in the truck with a coworker. He was a divorced man who was off Thursday afternoon like she was. I followed at a distant and they drive to his house. They didn’t see me drive by and I saw her squeezing his butt as he was unlocking the house door. I watched this the next week but didn’t drive by till they were inside the house. Both days he would bring her back to her car and she would walk around to driver window and give him a kiss. I didn’t know what to do with the situation. I talked to some psychology staff at work and came to the conclusion that I would confront her about cheating. I really wasn’t mad about it I just didn’t want to lose her. The next Thursday I took the kids to my parents and after she got into her coworkers truck I went home and waited for her. After we got the groceries unloaded she went to get a bath. I was helping her get undressed and told her I wanted to have sex because the kids were gone. She wanted a bath first. I told her I always wanted to have sex with her after she had sex with someone else. She started crying and asked how I knew. I pulled her to the bed and we had sex. I could smell his scent on her. After sex we had a long talk. She had been having sex with him about two years. She said it was a time away from her everyday life, sort of a recharge. I said I was ok with it because I didn’t want to lose her. I allowed her to continue her affair. She didn’t want to have sex with me on Thursday night, sort of like a boasting rubbing it in my face entertainment. When she came in and gave me a big kiss and would say quess what I did today, it was a signal she had sex. Her lover got in another relationship so after approx 5 years they quit seeing each other. I wish now at our age she would get hot for sex again but I realize her hormones due to age is much less. We have sex usually once a week now. She doesn’t get excited like in the younger years. I wonder if she had to much sex.

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    Too bad you couldn't grow a set and throw her ass out when you confronted her bro. No whoring c**t is worth keeping once they go bad and start cheating. i don't give a fuck what your good reason may be. There are no good reasons and scum like that guy and skanks like your wife should be taught a lesson. To get cucked is one thing but to continue to permit it with some lame ass mofo takes a real spineless sissy bitch boy. So effectively you let her castrate you one day a week and you lose out on five years of sex. Now she has hit the change and permanently castrated you. You won't get it any more the rest of your life. Now is the time for you to pick up a few babes on the side. Say a few of varying ages and start drilling them until you have your fill. Your wife won't know with your schedules and you can extract some measure of revenge. After all, your wife gave you what should now be a lifetime free pass so use it.
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    I'm in a similar situation. I had to convince her that it's quite the turn on for me to get in those cute little cum soaked panties of hers.
    She'd come home saying she worked late walking a little funny from being big cockd and rush into the bathroom to clean up and change into fresh panties. That's how I figured it out, the cutest little lace panties she'd wear on her "date" days when going to work.

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