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    no, I am all for the royal harry types marrying shitty common loose women. It makes the rest of us feel better to be honest. Hearing about all of kate and megans common criminal jailbum family members makes the rest of the world feel better. I hear people saying its so cool and refreshing that the two childish men of windor have chosen slummy girls when they could have had much more beautiful richer women with more elegance makes me think "hehehehehe" what a laugh because I am just waiting for the books to come out about all the people the royals in England have jilted and stolen partners from cuz I think the queen is no innocent there, she might close to dead but her angelic imagine is fading with her time and looks and I hate the media bouncing her up to be some icon in movies just cuz she is going a bit batty, cuz I bet she broke up marriages. It gives us commoners hope that we can marry some of the men and women they reject. the queen is a bitch however, she makes sure all the kids and illegitimates are married off so keep your secrets about who you like cuz she will come a knocking for a steal as they do. I don't mean to sound mean but megan is not attractive and she is going to get old looking and leathery black skin is not nice, she will be thin ugly or fat ugly like princess grace and she is not much but then nor is he. the royals loss is the commons gain! if only us honest modest decent humans knew what these people got up to. well, with hollywood under the queens bum it has to cut hard on her like the usa political kickbox fighting. my guess is the queen windsor has had illigitimate children herself and kate probably did and megan probably has had bubs before too, they sell them to get to the top. Its ironic that harry has dropped so low to marry someone with such a weird family and mother to walk her down the isle, wow, I thought it would be obama himself. he must have sold her to harry right. did harry go down or maybe indeed he has come up from the hole he is about in his drug life that aint over. I can see muggsy being BOOOOED as much as Have a Break- Have a Kid Kate and Work-Shy-Willy. But it is more refreshing not seeing their kids go off to soon and Diana antics of her model "what is she wearing today to take the kiddies off to school" play of the 1980s, god rest her savage soul. The wedding should not even be televised, afterall, its just another n***ar from the ghetto marrying up like a golddigger Kadashinian style. I see the windsors making a Keeping Down with the Mucky Wives of Windor AO rated. they will probably have to make porn to live, I guess he can always go back to his drugs or eating other kids ears that old chuck thought was cool or kicking people giving flowers to anyone near him. no one will want to see harry or megan anyway, and do they want to see william and kate or their kidddies, nope. They really don't want to see the photos and chat on them. wait til they bad up!

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    ohhhh yeh hot, I would like to see them all in a nudist colony somewhere between hell and humpback. How hot it would be to see a nude old queen sovereign calendar before she dies, they really all could do a nude pregnant demi moose nudey pics calendar that would be juicy horny stuff and charles and camellia and harry and willy nudes. can't wait til Hollywood rips em all. and wow, a tell all books series to movies. that will make them some cash.
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    They should not allow drunk (drug induced) people to post on this site.
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    Get help!
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    I support them marrying down too. and as if harry is not a druggy he did time in a rehab clinic and he will again as will they all. maybe megs can serve childrens ears and their cum flave creamed cones and vender benders? she is ugly. she is uglier then kate. we know who the real drinker druggy is cuz the magazines and papers showed up the pictures of harry drunk falling over. and she is all he could get, no one with quality wants him so he had to marry a trade in used bike megsie and ginger nut!
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    the dirty harry wedding to a scanky hoe is nothing new. good luck to the pair of dogs for their wedding but aint gonna kiss ass. its great isn't. aint love grand for them! why suck up to a pair of faggots who will never care about you?
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    diana had a tally card of corruptions that the world know nothing about and she is over rated for just a human. I miss her she was the best of them but the rest of them are trash. my guess is william and harry broke diana's heart where the queen or the royals did and what they left of her heart. the queen has no heart. she has her white subjects that used to love her and di living in shit and embarased to be white while she snubbed them she sucks up to blacks and anyone who is not a loyal fan. well that is how you lose fans hon.
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    I agree that its a positive sign because no one is perfect and we are all human and people make mistakes and so many people end up in jail or hospital or unemployed or lack that perfect image and they show that its ok to be imperfect and still be loveable and worthy. blood shouldn't matter right. money shouldn't matter. looks shouldn't matter. hope they are happy together and grow old together and keep allowing people to feel better.

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