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    Straight Male / 38

    I have to get this off my chest and trust anyone in my life with this info about me.
    I have a high sex drive and I went out to the clubs tonight looking for a barslut to bring home since I hadn't had sex since right after my divorce but by the time we left there were no available straight females at the last three bars we hit and I was frustrated that I didn't get to talk to any single ladies all night. I was standing out in the parking lot of the bar and saw a woman walking unbalanced and staggering drunk down 4th toward the bar. She was alone and on the next block down she dipped into the alley. I had a strong urge to go see what was in the alley and found myself walking across the street and continued to the middle of the block where an alleyway cut the block in half. I stopped and looked up the alley and spotted her immediately she was squatting next to a dumpster and either just peed or was trying to I observed by the lack of urine coming out of her. She was looking down but her head snapped up and her face was wide eyed with surprised confusion as her eyes couldn't focus when her brain was swimming in alcohol.
    Now that drunk woman is passed out in my bed and it's tempting to r**e her then drop her off in a park to sleep it off.
    Nobody knows she is here and her cell phone is dead, so if I decided to r**e her i was gonna make it worth the prison time so the drunk bitch was gonna to get r**ed multiple times just by me if I don't keep her for my fucktoy- she looks like she could handle a train being run on her by the size of her big meaty c**t.
    Should i invite a couple friends over to tag team the drunk skank with me-brutally fist her c**t til she begs me to stop. I am almost worked up and horny enough to sexually abuse a woman....

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    This is making me so hot to read. Please tell me more about how youâd fuck a drunk slut like me?
    7 days ago
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    You sad, sad fucker. Both of you.
    6 days ago
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    The poster is s real macho, tough, masculine teenager.
    16 hours ago

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