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    Straight Female / 33

    I'm long time reader. I have made few comments here and there but I have never confessed before. I had sex with my father this christmas. To fullfill his long time wish, and wanting to give it as a christmas present, when we were making love, with great thrill I told him I was willing to let him ejaculate inside me. He have pulled out sometimes but most often we use rubbers. Now it was safe days and christmas and I thought we could break the ultimate taboo and I could let him do it in me. Wow!

    When I had got back home and was spending time with my friend, I couldn't stop thinking what we had done and how I had gave him a chance to impregnante me and how I would need a pregnancy test soon. I got pregnancy test last wednesday and it was negative. Dad had asked me to call him, saying he wants to be there with me when I do the test and I did. Quite a thrill when I was in the bathroom and he was on the phone with me and we were talking about the future. I'm not sure if I made it too soon then, but I have another test already and we will do it tomorrow to see what the future holds for us. Now, don't get me wrong. We are NOT planning to have any kids together.

    We meet few times in a year and have not done it like this, never this freely in my vagina. There is always a chance, a minor chance, but chance nevertheless. I'm not worried though, and I might not even mind if it happens. I have not hope or plan anything. It was for his present, for fun, and it was days after my ovulation.

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    Google <inbreeding and genetics>
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    #1 Google <Illiterate>
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    That's so fucking hot. Let him fill you full of cum.
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    Definitely in the future I will. My whole body was shaking when we got up after it. It was my first time. We did it twice. First in 24th and then 25th. I have felt his penis getting so hard and throbbing in me when he have ejaculate before, but his sperm have always end up safely in the rubber. It was such a thrill to get out of bed when this time I saw his glistening penis and I knew all of his seed was so deep in me. The word seed sounds so exciting!

    I was exhausted and euphoric just the sheer taboo of it. Later during the 24th night we were talking about it and all I could thought was how he have made me and my siblings and although the chance was so low, how he is still cabable of having more children, maybe even with me, and how low chance is still a chance.

    We did it again the next day. Then 27th when I met my friend, I was still feeling euphoric, knowing how seed can live up to five days and it was two days after we had made love and they must be swimming wildly all around in me. Then I couldn't do nothing but wait before I could do the test.

    We have talked about impregnation and pregnancy before, hence the rubbers. We have never planned anything, and it have been the very reason to stay safe. Because of being safe, his wish have always been to ejaculate in me someday and it have been my wish too and now safe days got just right on the christmas and I was thinking oh my god I could give it, a proper chance for him, as his christmas present. We haven't give any presents to each other in years, but this present were perfect. I had told him how I didn't had rubbers and he thought he would need to pull out. I was waiting right moment to tell him how this time he could do it in me but when he got in, I couldn't hold it any longer and we greatly enjoyed it.

    It was so fun to talk about it with him later that day. I told him how I would need to do the pregnancy test when I would get home. He was a bit worried and serious and almost demanded how he wants to be there with me, but not able to physically be there with me, he atleast wanted to be on the phone when I did the pregnancy test. So I did called him before I was going to do the test. We did another test today and as expected it was negative too. He understood there was no real chance for it, but it was still exciting to think, what if. We were talking almost a hour about the chance, pregnancy and the future. I was still sitting in bathroom but there were no other line showing up.

    Seriously putting it, I wouldn't know what to do or say if there would had been that second line, but I think it wouldn't been the end of the world either.


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