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    Straight Male / 20

    Caught my aunt Jessica having sex with a guy who wasn't her husband eighteen months back. I'd gone round to collect a sports bag I'd left there after training two days earlier, and found her taking this guys cock from behind. She tried to make out it was all innocent and that it would only cause trouble if I told my uncle. The fact was I already knew my moms youngest sister was and is a slut, so I just said "Yeh whatever". That same night she text me and pleaded with me not to say anything, then text "Call by tomorrow and I'll make it up to you".
    I was round at midday knowing her husband was out playing golf. After practically stripping then dragging me into the shower, Jessica dropped down and sucked on my cock for a hell of a long time. Then standing up with my cock aching to be inside of her, she turned around and said "Fuck any hole you want". I was so turned on and had never before had anal sex, so without even thinking about it, I rammed my cock up my aunts asshole and loved the tight feeling of her ass surrounding my dick.
    We fucked and fucked and fucked some more. Going from the shower to her and my uncles bedroom. In those two hours, I learned more from my aunt than I did from all of previous girlfriends put together.
    And it's carried on right to this day. Jessica told me, whether she was just trying to please or not, that I was one of her best ever fucks. And since then my aunt and I have had sex pretty much two to three times a week since. It would be more, only her husband has changed his job recently and he often now works from home. Even so we still find time when he plays golf, or when she visits her sisters each week.

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    Aunts are wonderful things. My mother's sister was a short, chubby, big titted professional woman. During the week she was all business, but she knew how to relax on the weekends. I was about 12 years old when I first started noticing she didn't wear a bra, and actually had a nice set of nips. I made it my business to hang around her every chance I got, avoiding the watchful eye of my uncle or my parents. My cock was at full attention as soon as I would see her, which was embarrassing at first. But one day she noticed and I could tell she liked it. I made it a point not to wear my whitey-tidies and my very average cock would protrude to where it was noticeable, especially when I sat down.

    One Saturday, at breakfast in her kitchen, she was in perfect form and my cock at bursting. She was sitting to my left and looked down and saw the head of my cock. Me being young, I didn't notice the effect it had on her, but soon her leg was touching mine. My sisters and mother were sitting across from us.

    As we ate our pancakes, my aunt moved her hand over to my leg and just let it sit there for a second or two. Of course, I froze, thinking she would be noticed by my mother. Nope, she wasn't. The next thing I know, she had her hand over my shorts, and then began touching and rubbing the head of my cock! Oh my god....I was between fantasy and reality - my fantasy coming true but the reality that my mother and sisters were sitting directly across from us!

    I was about to blow, but then she stopped. But my cock was still anticipating more action, waiting for her touch again. It didn't happen. Then my mother asked me to grab something out of the fridge, but I told her my sister could get it. She raised her voice and basically commanded me to get up and get it. At which point I did. As I slowly stood up, it became obvious to everyone that my shorts were tenting. My aunt chuckled, my (younger) sisters didn't know what was going on, and my mother gasped after spitting out her coffee! In my embarrassment, I pulled out the butter from the fridge and brought it over to the table. My mother reached out and hugged me, and innocently pulling me into her tits (also rather large) as she gave me a kiss on my cheek.

    So her I am, cock at full attention jabbing my mothers tits as she's hugging me. Her next move was SHOCKING! She grabbed my cock outside of my shorts and gave me a squeeze, saying "my little boy is growing up!". My sisters eyes were huge saucers. My aunt told me to sit back down and finish eating, which I did. As I sat down, she made it a point to fondle me as well, complementing my "manhood". All this happened in the span of about 30 seconds.

    Of course, having recently discovering masturbation, I had to go rub one out. I finished breakfast and quickly ran up to the bathroom. After sitting down on the toilet with my shorts around my ankles, my aunt came in (I forgot to lock the door dammit) and volunteered her assistance. She gave me about five strokes before I shot a load OVER my head! She then cleaned me up with toilet paper (no bj yet). I was super embarrassed yet very relieved. She then smiled, gave me a kiss on my forehead, and told me to look forward to fun times ahead.

    Yep, they were fun!
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    Fucked from behind is innocent? Ludicrous.

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