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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Raised by a single alcoholic mother, she lived to tie me up and wank me to death, from age eleven onward! I didn't know there was anything wrong with it, and I loved it! Kept begging for more, always more, and she seemed eager to cooperate! I was a REAL Mama's boy until she died when I was twenty-one! Eventually I married a woman old enough to BE my mother, who enjoyed keeping me helpless in a vast array of imaginative ways, and that was when I learned all about pleasing a woman, and not just wallowing in my own selfish pleasure! Hope she lives forever!

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    As you learned, the pitfalls of being with an older woman is that they will likely die before you do. My Mom had me later in life and my Dad had been 30 years older than she was. He died when I was five and she took my virginity when I was six. She was 51 at the time. She taught me to eat out her hairy pussy and hair ass not long after that and it took very little time for me to become completely addicted eating out her holes. She rewarded me by sucking and licking me back though I was much too small for 69 until I was ten years old. That became my favorite thing.

    When I was 12 Mom got really kinky and started pissing in my mouth making me drink it and when I became fascinated with watching her poop she invited me to become her full toilet. That first time was horrible. But after doing that a few times, reinforced by severe testicle punishment and delightful oral ministrations depending on how well I served her, I got to where I was permanently obsessed with being Mommy's good little toilet. Mom also wanted a daughter instead of a son which looking back seems ironic since she loved to suck and fuck my little cock. So She feminized me and began me on female hormones when I was ten. This means that while I enjoyed having my little cock inside her, I have never been able to fuck like a man does. She got to where she could fist my ass elbow deep by the time I was 15. One thing I liked was that I was way prettier than Mom, I had nicer hair and my tits were bigger and more perky. Mom liked dating younger guys and shared me with a lot of them. The best times were when she arranged for me to be gang fucked.

    Mom died when I was 32 and she was 78. She left me everything which included the balance of her retirement fund, a trust fund and her two homes.

    A year later I met a beautiful 63 year old woman and a year after that I married her and became her slave. She was no substitute for Mom but it was as close as I could get. My wife/owner had similar interests to my Mom so we got along well but it took a little coaxing to get her to use my mouth for a toilet though once she felt the empowerment of having a pretty young slave sucking turds out of her ass, eating them and then licking her clean she was hooked. She was the one who ended up castrating me. A friend of her's is a surgical nurse and so they were able to do at a lower risk. They cut open my scrotum and took out my testicles without anesthesia and then proceeded to spend the next delightful 12 hours mutilating my testicles out of existence.

    She died when I was 45. She left me her house and bank account.

    Today I am married to my third wife. She is 86 and I wait on her day and night. While her mind is still sharp her body is declining. She would have to wear diapers were it not for the fact that I spend half my time with my mouth under her ass. she loves to nurse on my tits and I love to eat her holes.
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    Tying up can be fun, no matter who with. I've been messing around with my hot older sister for years, and, back in her old apartment, did it to her a few times. Laid her on the kitchen table, spread her legs, and rope-tied her ankles to the table legs, then her wrists together and to the base of a nearby cabinet. The thrill of it for me was that she was so secured and helpless, completely at my desire and mercy to do whatever I wanted to her. After some fun body play (navel shots, choc syrup around her mound and licking it off, slowly, and poured oil on her tits), fucked her in-place, shaking the table until it was moving itself on the floor. Kept her there after I finished, too, until letting her loose.

    Other times were similar, but did tie her up once in her living room, doing many of the same things with/to her. Thing was, tying her up was her idea. We were joking around one night on her couch, and I was holding and pulling her robe sash, and she commented about "it's soft, so perfect for tying someone up". That set things going.

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