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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    a group of us from school went camping. Back then, in my early teens, I had limited sexual contact with girls. However, we pitched several tents and most of us brought along sleeping bags that could be rolled tightly and easily carried with back-packs. We had gone to bed and I was snug in my sleeping bag when Jenny opened my tent and explained that she had no sleeping bag and it has grown quite cold. I had no other choice and also not thinking of sex so I unzipped the bag and asked Jenny to pop in.

    Jenny snuggled up to me and I could feel her entire little body warming me. I felt her doing something and found out she had pulled down the bottom to the warm fleece suit she wore. Her butt pressed against mine and moved from side to side. Then she whispered, "You can have me but just the back door." I was so dumb I had to think of what she was saying. She bumped up against my erection and with one hand pulled me up to her anal opening and I did th rest.

    We slowly fucked in the sleeping bag and since I was up her butt I decided to come and told her it was happening and she just moaned. What surprised me is that unlike the many times I wanked my penis did not grow soft, I ended up continuing to fuck her and asked if I could switch to her vagina. She said, "Not now, maybe some other time" so we continued until I had fired off four times before growing soft. I recall that we must have been doing it for over an hour.

    Jenny left before everyone arose and went back to her tent, Later I learned that she did have her own sleeping bag. We eventually went together until each of us went to different colleges. I met her for lunch once years later and she said that she remembered that night and that she was sure I had not noticed that she had reached several climaxes as well. She was right. That was the first buttfuck I had but not the last.

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