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    Straight Female / 55

    What I did years ago was very wrong, but at the time, it was so exciting. I had my first daughter when I turned fifteen. In family style, she had her son when she turned seventeen. That made her son, Sam, 32 years younger than me. Fast forward to when Sam was fifteen. He was an athlete. His body was amazing and he was very attractive. What I liked most was his body.

    My daughter had a pool. Sam had girls over to swim. Sometimes I would go over to swim or just watch. What I noticed is that the girls were trying to get Samâs attention in various ways, most wore skimpy bikinis or would bounce their boobs around him and so on. My daughter and I would watch and comment how obvious it was. After observing several times, I commented that he doesnât pay any attention to the girls. This caused the girls to do more. I asked my daughter if Sam was gay as he didnât seem to care what the girls were doing. She laughed and said he was very much into girls. She went on to say that she caught Sam having sex with one of the girls in the middle of the day. There were several girls swimming and Sam and one of the girls went outside of the pool and were having sex in the yard. She walked around the yard and found them. They had a talk and she began buying him condoms. She said he wasnât bashful about asking for more condoms and he was averaging using three to four condoms a week.

    Sam came to my house one weekend when his mother was out of town. That night two girls came over. Sam and the girls sat on my front porch talking late into the night. I went to bed, but got up around midnight to see only one girl was on the porch. Sam and the other girl werenât there. As I looked out a few windows, I saw what looked like two people laying on the grass in the backyard. Unable to see for sure, I got the binoculars and was able to at least determine they were having sex. They finished, got up and dressed. The next day I asked Sam during breakfast if he was tired. He said he did stay up too late, but I clarified by saying I saw him laying down in the grass in the backyard. He was shocked, but I just smiled.

    This is when I began acting very inappropriately. Knowing how Sam was and the fact of his body did excite me, I began doing things I shouldnât. It started out walking around in a bra and panties, to wearing just a towel to wearing sexy or see thru nighties. It excited me so much. What surprised me was that Sam would watch me and was obviously trying to get a good look. This was surprising because I watched women with tighter bodies and firmer breasts not able to get Sam to pay attention. Knowing this just intensified my actions.

    One day Sam came over to help me around the house. I claimed by back was sore and asked if Sam would rub my back. He agreed, so I had him sit on the couch. I had my back toward him when I took off my shirt. He began rubbing my back as I sat in front of him. As I hoped, he told me my bra was in the way. Without hesitation, I told him to take it off. His hands were shaking as he took off my bra. As he rubbed my back, his hands were trembling. He did a poor job, but it was because he was shaking so bad. Just to have a little fun, I stood up, and put my arm in front of my nipples. My breasts were very large and my nipples pointed south, so a lot of my breasts were exposed. As I looked at Sam and thanked him, his mouth was wide open in total shock. This simply excited me more.

    A few weeks later I let Sam know I was going to come over to swim. As hoped, he didnât have over any friends. We were in the pool together talking when I told him I was moving some boxes the day before, which was a total lie, and my back was sore. He scolded me telling me to let him know and he would come over anytime. Sam offered to rub my back while in the pool. I rested my head on my hands on the edge of the pool. My swimsuit was a one piece, but the back was totally open. With an open back, San was able to easily rub my back, but to my pleasure, he claimed the swimsuit was in the way. I told him it was fine and I would be ok. But, he was persistent as he told me we could go inside and I could lower my swimsuit to allow him to do a good job. Knowing he wanted to, I kept saying it was fine, but he wouldnât take no for an answer. Finally, I gave in. We sat outside to dry off. Once we were dry, we went inside and Sam sat on the couch. With my back toward him, I took off the swimsuit down to where most of my ass was exposed before I sat down. Sam rubbed my back for almost an
    hour. He didnât want to stop. This time I stood up and turned around with my breasts fully exposed and let Sam get a good look as I slowly put my swimsuit on. His mouth was open and his eyes were about to bug out of his head. This was wrong, but it made me feel so good all over.

    Over the next few months Sam would call me asking if I needed any help around the house. Each time I said no. At first I was doing it just to tease him, but over time, I began to regret what I had done. Sam kept calling and I kept saying no. By this time, Christmas was a few weeks away. I was going shopping and Sam convinced his mom to have me take him shopping. As we shopped, he begged and begged me to let him spend the night. Repeatedly he said he would give me a back rub. As I told him no, he finally said he promised the back rub would be the best ever. Of course this got me to thinking and soon enough, I relented and let him come over. On the one hand, I wanted to let him do it, but on the other, I realized this was beyond wrong.

    Several hours later we ended up at my house. We ate supper while we were out, so I told Sam I was going to take a shower and lay in bed to watch tv. He was obviously agitated and said that he was going to rub my back. Now I wanted to have some fun. I sat in front of him with my blouse still on. He told me to take it off. I refused. He began rubbing my back, but claimed he could do a good job. I relented, but left on my bra. Again, he claimed it wouldnât work right. I let him take off my bra. I was very relaxed and looking forward to this back rub. This time as he was rubbing my back, he began moving his hands to my sides and was reaching to my breasts. I thought about saying something, but decided to let him go. Within fifteen minutes, he was no longer rubbing my back, but only my sides and mainly my breasts. This is when I leaned back against him. He took this as a sign to have his way with me. Now he was rubbing my breasts and focusing on my nipples. He was a little rough with my breasts and pinching my nipples. It didnât feel the best, but I let him have fun.

    Sorry it was so long of a story. That is all I feel comfortable confessing at this time. I will leave my confession at this. Rubbing my breasts was only the beginning. I opened to more and opened my legs as well. ð

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    At least you have a good memory for successful masturbation. That's REALLY
    what makes for enjoyment, not subverting ourselves with false, socially induced morality.

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