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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Some years ago I got a very lucrative job in the middle east. The company I worked for needed technicians to operate equipment there because in that country nobody knew how. After I got there I discovered that while the majority of the people were very religious devout Muslims, there was a relatively small minority who engaged in every vice the Koran and the Bible and the laws of most countries forbade. I found out that I could have pretty much anything I wanted if I had the money. In that poor, third world country goods and services were fairly cheap. I bought what most people would consider a luxurious mansion for the same price as a 1 bedroom cottage back home. I furnished it with luxurious furniture. I had every conceivable electronic entertainment device. I had a Mercedes to drive around with.

    I found I could hire feminine young men to entertain me sexually. They were very pretty with long black silky hair, pretty faces and hot slender bodies. I found I could hire young teenage girls to fuck. I even discovered that not only could I rent young children, I found out I could actually buy them. It seems that in that country, adoption isn't a thing. When a child loses their parents they are forced to marry an adult. What surprised me was that all I needed to do was to go to their equivalent of an orphanage, pick out some little girls, sign some papers, give them a bundle of U.S. hundred dollar bills, go through a simple quick ceremony and then I get to walk out with my own private harem of little slave wives. That was the condition, I had to marry them.

    Now here is something else that will shock a lot of people, they have had same sex marriage in some middle eastern countries for centuries. The way it works is they castrate a little boy, declare him no longer male, a doctor signs a certificate and then they are free to marry the first man who comes along and buys them. Before the end of the first year I was there I had 7 little girls and 2 little former boys all my slave wives. One of my little boy wives was three when I purchased him. I paid to watch him being castrated without anesthesia and then I married him. I've been giving both of them female hormones ever since the day I married them. Ever see a 7 year old boy who has been taking female hormones for four years? They are extremely pretty, their hair is amazing and they even squirt milk in your mouth when you suck their little engorged tits.

    So all this began in 1989. I was 24 years old. I had gone to school for 2 years to learn some technology and I had been with the same company for nearly 4 years when the position came available. Today I'm 53, I have over 36 female wives and 21 former boy wives. I also have 72 children, 34 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. But only 17 of my children live with me. The rest I had married off to friends who traded me their own children whom I have since married.

    The oldest any child was the day I married them was 9. I typically prefer to marry toddlers as they are easier to train to be a good slave wife. It's really special when you look down between your legs to see half a dozen little wives, none older than 5, licking and sucking.

    The youngest any of my wives were when they gave birth to one of my children was 10. The oldest was 15. Another convenient law in that country is that a guy can divorce any of his wives at any time and they are on their own. But instead I usually find some elderly guy to give that wife to. So I divorce them and then hand them over to some old guy and he marries them a few minutes later. Divorce is very easy there. You basically tell your wife that you are no longer married to them. You hand them a letter. that's it. They can go back to their family or you can hand them over to their new husband that you either gave them or sold them to. Most of mine I have traded for the daughters of the man I gave them to.

    Of course I renounced my U.S. citizenship many years ago. I still live here and at this very moment two of my wives are sucking on my balls, one is licking my asshole, one is sucking my cock and I am chewing on the little cock of my 10 year old former boy wife while playing with his huge milk engorged tits.

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    whatever you are on will eventually drop you. Switch to booze, At least that will kill you slowly.


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