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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I just turned 18 three months ago. I've been dating a much older woman for the last 5 years. She's 47 now. Last month we got married. So if yo do the math you will see I was 13 and she was 42 when we first got together. I met her when she bought the house two doors down from where I lived became friends with my parents. A few months after that she offered me a part time job. But what she really wanted was me. She gave me my first blow job, took my virginity, taught me how to eat her out and even gave me my first real kiss. I was in love and in lust immediately.

    My parents discovered our relationship when I was 15. At first they wanted to go to the police but I begged them not to and it was mostly my mom who didn't want me dating her. Dad thought she was hot and ended up congratulating me for scoring an older woman.

    Karen also gave me an allowance of $100 a week which isn't too bad for a teenager. When I told her I wanted to go get a job she said that would mean less time with her so she just started to give me an allowance which kind of made me feel like a hooker but I didn't mind and in fact that was kind of a turn on.

    So last month we got married and we went on a two week honeymoon to Hawaii during Xmas vacation. This summer right after I graduate we are going to Europe for six weeks. She wants to fuck me at the top of the Eiffel tower, in the Louvre, in front of Buckingham Palace and inside St. Peter's in Rome. She likes to fuck me in public places. On our honeymoon we fucked on the beach several times, on a sport fishing boat and in the restaurant at our hotel. She is a bit wild sexually but that is part of why I love her.

    O.K. so here is a bizarre twist. Last week she told me she wants me to have sex with her 31 year old daughter, my step daughter, who has agreed to become a surrogate mother so we can have children. She will live with us until the baby is weened and then we will raise the kid as ours. Don't get me wrong, I love her daughter, she is very pretty, but not nearly as hot as her mother. I guess I've always preferred much older women. But I don't really mind too much. I fucked her for the first time last night while her mother sat there on the bed playing with her daughter's tits while she masturbated. Now that was hot. I especially liked when my wife sat on my mouth while her daughter fucked my cock.

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    At least your grammar is ok, more than I can say about the other fiction writers on this site.

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