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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I have a problem. For the last three years I've been trying to get my Dad to fuck me. I thought that now that I'm in the 7th grade and have started to grow boobs that he might find me sexy but I don't think so because even when I put on some sexy lingerie and did a strip dance in front of him begging him to take my virginity all he did was scold me, put me over his knee and spank me. But I loved the spanking. It makes my pussy wet. I told him and he stopped spanking me. Now he just takes away my phone and sends me to my room. I've got hundreds of pics of my Dad on my computer and I look at him while imagining him fucking me while I masturbate. I wish I could figure out how to get my Dad to fuck me. I know he hasn't dated since Mom died but I also know he likes women since all the porn on his computer is of teenage girls fucking older guys. Maybe once my tits get bigger I can get him to fuck him. I wish I was married to him and had his babies.

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    It would be far healthier for you to focus beyond your biological relatives for sex.
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    YOU ARE "SICK". Get help from a professional. And... Leave your dad alone. I'm a few. Just leave him alone. I have an 18 year old daughter.

    Your dad sees you as the most wonderful thing ever existed. Don't destroy it for MERE sex. If you do your future will.. CEASE TO EXIST.
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    FUCK OFF PEOPLE!!! This a site for anyone to confess anything they want so stop coming here if you don't like I-n-c-e-s-t because it's all over this site. Oh ya your here for the gay confesstions. Girl, fuck your Daddy if you want to!!
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    #3 equals empty-headed moron, teenage troll.

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