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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    One day when I was ten years old I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my parents having sex. That was the first time I heard that. Before they had been careful to time their sex to when they were convinced I would not hear them but they were particularly loud that day and so the sound penetrated the wall between their bedroom and mine.

    I didn't know what to make of the sound. I thought my Dad was hurting my mom and I was scared and confused. I got up and put on my bathrobe and slippers and took a walk down the hall. Their bedroom light was on and their door was wide open. Obviously they had no expectation of me waking up. I stood there trying to figure out whey they were both naked and my Dad was on top of my mom. It looked like they were wrestling. I could see my Dad's ass and his junk going into my mom's hairy pussy and I could see her tits bouncing around.

    I just stood there transfixed in shock. I could not stop staring. I felt a tingling between my legs. It was the most magical and beautiful sight I'd ever seen. Then Mom saw me. She whispered something into my Dad's ear and he looked back and looked me in the eyes and then turned back to my Mom. They whispered back and forth for a moment. I thought I was in trouble and that they would get out of bed and start yelling at me.

    They didn't. They just went back to fucking all the harder. My Mom played with her huge tits in a way that seemed like she was deliberately making sure I could see. My Dad re-positioned himself in a way that made it easier for me to see his huge cock going in and out of her wet hairy pussy. I became conscious of my little cock getting stiff. I reached down into my pajamas and touched myself to make it feel good for the very first time in my life.

    Mom and Dad kept fucking for a few minutes, groaned loudly and then they both came though I had no idea what was happening at the time. When they were done Mom licked my Dad's cock clean while he licked her pussy. My little dick got really tingly watching that. Then without saying a word they both sat up, looked right at me and smiled then turned off the lights leaving the door open. I went back to bed knowing my parents were both O.K. and still feeling tingly.

    I had heard of fucking, I had a vague sense of what it entailed. I had heard of jerking off though I had never until then tried it. I had seen some soft core porn but my parents kept a close eye on my internet use and I was home schooled so I had little opportunity to trade porn with friends.

    A few days later I woke up to the sex sounds again and instantly got a stiffy. I immediately got out of bed and ambled down the hall to see if I could watch another show. The door was open again. The light was on again but this time there was some very explicit porn playing on their TV. Dad was laying back and Mom was sucking on his cock. I didn't bother with a bathrobe or slippers this time. I just stood there with my hand inside the slit of my pajama bottom holding my stiff little cock. This time I took a step into their room to get a better view. I was about four feet closer to the action this time.

    I watched Mom suck on Dad for a while then she laid back. Both looked at me, smiled and then Dad got on top and put his cock in Mom again. They were positioned in a way that made it very easy for me to see her tits, his cock and balls and her hairy pussy. I took one more step inside. Now I was only about five feet from their bed standing near the foot of their bed while they spent the next twenty minutes fucking. Dad fucked her very slowly at first and then gradually picked up the pace until they were fucking like porn stars. He came inside her and then they got in a 69 again sucking and licking each other clean. After that they both laid back on the bed with their legs wide open showing themselves off to me. They spent another ten minutes making out and whispering in each other's ears and giggling. Then they rolled over and snuggled up with my Dad spooning my mom. They left the lights on without saying a thing to me. I stood there for a while staring at their naked bodies before I turned around and went back to my bedroom.

    A few days later, yet again, I heard sex sounds and woke up. Again wearing only my pajamas I wandered off to watch another sex show. The TV was on again with more porn. The door was wide open with the light on again though it seemed slightly brighter this time. Dad was on his knees on the floor eating out Mom who had a hold of her ankles holding her legs up. She was groaning in pleasure. I took a few steps into the room until I stood right at the foot of their bed watching. My dick was throbbing stiff and I just held onto it not sure how to jerk off exactly.

    After a while Mom and Dad switched places. They giggled and whispered and now mom was on the floor sucking Dad's massive erection while he sat on the end of the bed. Periodically they would look me in the eye but mostly they were just into what they were doing. I watched two women sucking on a guy's dick on their TV. A while later they got back on top of the bed and fucked and sucked on each other for over an hour before they both finally came. They always seemed to position themselves deliberately so I could see what they were doing. After they were done they licked each other clean again and then laid back to make out again displaying their private parts with their legs spread wide open. I could almost count their pubic hairs. Dad's massive cock began to shrink. Mom had fluids dribbling out her pussy. They were feeling each other while they made out. Then like before they just turned over with Dad spooning Mom while holding onto her boobs. They left the lights and the porno running on the TV. I stood there and watched for another half hour until the porno got to the end and then I went back to bed with my unbearable throbbing little erection.

    After that I sat up all night every night waiting for the sex sounds. A week later, finally, I heard them going at it again. I walked down the hall and found the door open, lights on and porno on the TV again and Mom and Dad were in a 69. I thought I'd missed the action but I was lucky. They were just starting. So braver than I had been the previous night I walked all the way over to Mom's side of the bed. I was now only about three feet away. They got to fucking and turned themselves around to give me a better view. I put my hand inside my pajamas and held onto my hard little cock again still not knowing how to jerk off exactly. Then Mom grabbed my Dad's cock and started jerking it. I copied her movements and jerked my own little ten year old cock. It felt really good. I got the hang of it really fast. I was jerking it furiously while watching my mom lean down and take Dad's cock in her mouth. She winked at me while she did and she swallowed the whole thing choking and gagging while smiling at me. Dad rolled his eyes back and told her to choke on it. She did. He came in her mouth. I saw it leak out of her mouth and dribble down her chin and onto her tits. She looked at me and smiled again then licked him clean. Then Dad spent the next hour eating out mom and finally he was hard again. She sucked on him some more and they they went at it fucking. After some more whispering and giggling he came in her. I could actually see the last squirt of cum squirt right in her hot gaping cervix as he pulled out that last stroke. I went blind with pleasure as I finished jerking myself to my very first orgasm ever. Now I was the one groaning in pleasure. When I opened my eyes again they were both playing with each other's genitals while smiling at me.

    After that I didn't bother waiting. Each night when I heard my parents go to bed I got out of bed and went down to their bedroom to watch. Most of the time I found them under the covers trying to sleep. But about once or twice a week they had sex. I couldn't understand why they weren't fucking every night. The next few occasions went pretty much like that last one but then I just lost my mind and strutted down the hall completely naked. I had not been naked in front of my parents since I was around five. I stood there next to their bed watching them fuck and watching the porno on the TV while I furiously jerked my cock. They continued whispering and giggling and looking over at me the whole time. Then I got really brave and climbed up onto their bed and joined them. They didn't touch me and I didn't touch them but I just had to see it all up really close. I jerked off while sticking my face right in between their legs while Dad fucked my Mom. I could smell their sex. I heard the slurping of her wet puss on his hard cock. I could almost hear his cum pumping into her. I just sat their jerking off the whole time and finally came right after Dad came in Mom for the second time that night while Mom grunted in pleasure while glaring at me. That did it for me. Her gaze into my eyes while she was at the height of orgasm inspired my own. I just wished I could squirt some cum out of my cock but after all I was still only ten.

    The next time it happened I lost what little inhibitions I had left and while Mom was sitting on Dad's mouth getting her salad tossed I became mesmerized by Dad's bobbing cock and I reached for it. Mom smiled her approval as I grasped Dad's massive throbbing erection in my little ten year old hand. I could not get my hand more than half way around it. I slowly tentatively began jerking it. It jumped violently. I could tell he liked it. Mom continued smiling though that could be from having a tongue up her ass. I leaned over and took a taste. His precum tasted salty, mild and quite delicious. I'd watched mom lick it many times so I figured it couldn't be that bad. It wasn't. It was the opposite. It was delicious and I wanted more. I took his head in my mouth like I'd seen Mom do and began sucking. Mom reached for my little balls, grabbed them and pulled my groin closer to her. The slight pain made me harder. I liked it. Mom then played with my cock and balls and stuck a finger up my ass while I continued sucking Dad's cock. A few minutes later Dad came in my mouth. I hungeally swallowed every delicious drop. Mom moved around to sit on my face now and I began to lick like I'd seen Dad do. I felt Dad's huge hands grab my cock and balls and now he was fingering me.

    I was surprised by how much I liked the taste of my Mom's pussy and even more surprised when I found I loved licking her asshole. Meanwhile Dad slid his cock along my ass crack. He didn't enter me or even try to but he rubbed his cock head against my ass hole while he jerked me. Then he put my hand around his cock while he went down on my sucking me. It was his finger up my ass that finally made me cum, way harder than any time before.

    They snuggled up with me, Dad spooning me with his big soft cock between my thighs resting under my balls while I held onto my Mom's tits. I fell asleep to that sensation and the sounds of people having sex on TV.

    From then until I moved out after college I never slept in my own bed again. After that my bedroom became a sort of hobby room, place to entertain my friends and store my belongings. By 11 I was fucking my Mom, getting fucked in my ass by my Dad and quite happy being their little sex slave. By 12 things got kinky and we were exploring bondage and toilet games and since I had very long hair they often dressed me up like a girl and Dad fucked me pretending I was a girl while Mom taught me how lesbians pleasure each other.

    But all good things come to an end. When I graduated from College last year I moved out. I got a really good job as a teaching assistant at a college at the other end of the country. What cinched it was entering into a sexual relationship with two of my professors, an older married couple. They liked my girly looks and the fact that I'd often slip and call them Mom or Dad by mistake while he was fucking me and I was fucking her. We live together now though I still go back on vacations and holidays to visit my parents. This past Christmas was amazing. Mom and Dad now have a transgender female living with them. "She" is 19 and looks gorgeous. We had a nice two week long orgy over the vacation. Her cock is way bigger than mine but she is going to have bottom surgery next year. I will mourn the loss of her wonderful cock but I understand. While I am a very girl boy and have fantasized about having a vagina instead of a cock and balls, I am quite fond of what I have between my legs. For me it is fun to pretend to be a girl while being fucked.

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    fuvk i wish i had a good boy like you as a son. i would love for you to stroke my cock while i licked your mommys pussy
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    Seeing my parents having sex was quite confusing. I was a cute little boy at the time and mentioned it to an older neighbor boy what I'd seen. He twisted it all around and used it as a way to get into my tighty-whities. Within a short time I was sucking and letting him fuck me, just like Mom and Dad.
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    #2 - Mr Tighty-Whities. You need to stop with these nonsense comments. You know you're a fantasising old pa edo.

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