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    My wife does not sleep well and takes Ambien to help. If anyone reading this knows someone that also takes this then they know that it 1) starts taking effect in about 20 minutes 2) Is kind of like a truth serum and 3) fucks with your memory. Almost anything that happens after it's in full effect will not be remembered.

    Of course, we both knew all of this and would have fun with it and I would share all the details with her the next day. A few of the memories stand out in my mind and, when she's not home I will recount those times while I get myself off.


    I know when it has taken effect because her speech becomes a little slurred and the eyes glaze over. This was like most nights. We were watching TV in bed. I had been stroking myself a little under the covers and probably had half a hard on. Once I realized she had passed the point of no return, I lifted the blanket's and showed her my half aroused cock. She grabbed it and started to stroke it. She was sitting up in bed so I simply straddled her so my cock was right in front of her. Her mouth opened and I slid in, slowly fucking her face. For whatever reason, I started talking to her and asking questions. "Have you ever sucked someone's cock like this before." "Did you let them make love to your mouth the way I'm doing now?" She nodded that she had and that this talk was making her horny. "Did they slide it all the way in?", the way I'm doing now? Did you suck on their balls? Yes, she said as she let my cock go to catch her breath. As I slid it back in and ask her to describe the other cocks. Where they longer or thicker than mine. Did those guys fuck her mouth hard or softly. As she stroked me she said that the guy with the biggest cock was gentle but going faster than I was. She kept gagging as he pushed deeper and deeper. I was getting more and more turned on by this and could tell that my Orgasm was close. I told her to slide down just a bit. As I started stroking my cock right above her face she stuck out her tongue like it was instinct. I ask if anyone had cum on her face before. She explained that the guy with the big one was the only one to do that. In fact that was her first experience with that kind of thing. She admitted that she was 14 and he was 18 and just assumed that this is what a "blow job" was. She, of course, had nothing to compare it too and when he came, there was cum everywhere, she said. In my eye, my hair...everywhere. This put me over the edge. I told her to grab my cock and jack me off onto her face in in her mouth.

    I kissed her, thanked her and cleaned her up. She promptly fell asleep. She asked me the next morning over breakfast if something happened. Apparently I missed some spots. We discussed the entire thing and ended up right back in bed.

    My next two memories will be posted.


    Addict ed

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    More! More! More! I loved it. My wife has told me about all the guys who have fucked her mouth just like that. She hung out with a lot of guys in college, and became their fuck toy. But mostly they loved to straddle her shoulders like you did your wife, and fuck her mouth, and fill it with their cum. I love it when she tells me about all the cocks she has sucked. And she loved doing it. I'm hard right now while I'm writing this. Maybe I should go and fuck her mouth right now.
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    Well, don't be shy then, go on, we're waiting.
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    You can check out 38777 for more.
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    #1, I tried to check out 38777, but for some reason it says, Sorry no results found. Tried a few times with the same results. Don't know what the problem is. Hate to miss out on a juicy story.
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    I have just tried as well. I definitely posted it earlier today. I don't know what it would have been removed. I will have to try again later.
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    #4 here. Found it in the upcoming section. Its in this column now. Sexy as Hell!

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