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    Straight Female / 33

    I have been living in a polyamorous family. We are two 'wives' and a husband. We have five children.

    Because my second pregnancy provided us with the twins, numbers four and five, I agreed to give up my job and raise the children, saving daycare expenses.

    The mother part I am OK with, the wife part I am OK with. What is hard is giving up my profession. My wife has cut her hours so she can be home early. Our husband's hours are not so easy to change.

    My wife and I have been very close since junior high, so sharing our lives has been easier, but we recognize that it is not for every one. And our husband is a natural born diplomat and conciliator. We worked hard to find a formula for intimacy, settling on a shared bedroom with my wife, and shared intimacy. He needs his space, so giving him his ôwn room was a natural extension.

    I won't recommend it, unless you are willing to join with your wife and make yourselves 'as one'. One unit, together being his wife.

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