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    Gay Male / 23

    Hi all, Im 23 this year, and recently I got attached to a guy thats 51 (I know the huge age gap difference). It started off as a hook up initially but very soon, we both realised that we were attracted to each other's soul, and the chemistry between us is really great!

    I know being together with him is not an easy feat, and I had warned him about the typical questions that he may get ie 'he's young enough to be your son', 'you're old enough to be his dad', 'im after his money' etc etc. And I know I will feel awkward if he invites him to meet his friends, and because of the age gap difference, I will definitely not fit in well.

    Despite all the differences, he still pretty much loved me a lot, and also introduced me to his really good friend (which is a female) for a start.

    I really love him and I'm just wondering if there are anybody outside who are attached and with this huge age gap difference as well? Really wish to see if there are anyone experiencing similar situation as me.

    Thank a lot

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    I may be a straight woman, but I was in your shoes, and I can tell you it absolutely works in the long run. If you love each other, and have the same interests, age doesn’t matter. But be prepared for others to talk and judge. No one thought my husband and I would last, and we’ve been married 25 years now. I was worried he’d lose interest as I aged, but our love just grew.
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    Thank you for your kind words! Indeed, it must not have been easy for you either. Some say love has no limits, im really starting to believe that its true :)
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    I met my wife when I was 55 and she was 26 when I employed her as my assistant. I liked her instantly, and realised within a short space of time I wanted to marry her. She had a fiance who lived in a different country with whom she had become disillusioned when she found out he had deliberately concealed from her for a long time the existence of two sons from a previous relationship. There were two other guys chasing her, and I didn't really think the relationship was appropriate, as I had two failed relationships in the recent past, and was a bit wary about getting involved again. However after resisting for over two months in the end I cracked, and invited her round to my place to "help me catch up with some work". We ended up kissing. although she resisted sex, but came round again the following weekend, and we talked and kissed for five hours. The weekend after that we went the whole way, and we married seven months later, and now have a 13 year old daughter. Of course we have had our arguments and differences, but we still seem to love each other just as much as ever. We've been together for sixteen years now.
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    Hi, thank you for such inspiring story! It really gave me lots of courage to really give me relationship a goal. although I fear that he may leave this world earlier than me if everything go smoothly, but I would already be grateful if I have the next 20-30 years with him. Thank you, and I wish you happiness with your wife for many more years to come! Cheers mate!
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    I'm 54 male and every time I see a much younger woman I think I could love them all!
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    I am 54 and have a 27 year old girlfriend and have been seeing each other 18 months and live together. We have talked about getting married some day
    It does feel like its a meeting of minds/chemistry and the age thing doesnt really come into it after a while. Its more about how other people view it and your own fear of how they view it but if you are happy together then thats all that should ultimately matter.
    I wasnt even looking for a younger woman it just happened really
    We have introduced each other to our friends and family and their acceptance of the situation increases month on month I think.
    Follow your heart and good luck

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