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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I was in my first year at Pitt in Pittsburgh PA I was from mid Michigan so I did not know anyone or much about the city. It was sort of lonely I had never really been away from home. I grew up on a farm in a small town so was feeling very out of place and missing friends family and my girl friend. She and I had dated since 9th grade and had been sexually active the last two years of school. It did not take long for me to feel horny and wishing my girl was around to help me out but she was not so I jerked off a lot. I had a room mate in a small apartment in a house that was sectioned into apartments one of those big old houses. I did not see him much we had different hours and only saw one another in passing. He seemed ok from the little I saw him.
    Well I decided to go out one day walking and see the city and get used to the area I walked all over. I came to a park area that seemed to have a lot going on people playing catch volley ball etc. I walked through and noticed there was a lot of guys hugging kissing and being very free about it. As I walked more than one said hi and tried to get me to come over and talk, I was a bit freaked out so I walked fast until I came to the other side of a long circle like drive. I had drank a Pop or two so needed to piss. I ducked into the woods and started to piss the stream felt good and empting my bladder felt almost sexual. After I had pissed for what seemed forever I started to put my cock away but thought what the hell. I was half hard so I started to jerk myself off. I heard a noise like footsteps it startled me and I was working to get my hard cock put away. A voice said no poppy plz don't put it away its so pretty. I turned to see a man in his 30's I thought sort of thin and frail looking but bot ugly for a man. There I was my cock on my hand still hard and dripping pre cum.
    I heard him make a sucking noise and say damn poppy that's a big one you have there,I never thought I was that big but he seemed to think so, I am not sure why but I did not try to hide my cock and he made me feel proud of it some how. He stood there eyeing my cock like it was his first meal in years. OOO Poppy he said that thing is angry and needs some loving to make it happy. before I could protest he was on his knees and taking my cock all the way OMG I was like putty for him he just worked me like nothing I had ever had done before. I took a good stance spread my legs as he grabbed my ass and forced me to him sucking me with a hunger. My mind was spinning and soon I said I am going to cum. I started to pull away but he held me tight and took all my seed down hi throat. He stood up and just walked away so I sipped up and walked home. I had never done anything like that before and was sort of shocked I had let him do what he did.
    the rest of the week was spent in class and doing home work getting settled in the apartment. I heard others talk about the park I was at they called it the fruit loop I was were gay men hung out together some just to be in park but others to have sex.
    I could not get it out of my mind and how good it felt so that weekend I walked back to the park. I Walked through slow and looked around a bit at all the guts there thinking not many looked gay or what I thought gay looked like and then headed for the same spot I had been last time. I once again took a piss and soon someone came up and kneeled down and started to suck on my cock. It was not the same guy this guy was my age and looked like a all American jock football player. He looked up at me as he sucked and my eyes locked with his. I could see ecstasy in his eyes he was really liking sucking me almost a smile in his eyes. With his mouth full of my hard cock he said nothing but moaned and made mmmm sounds.
    He grabbed my hips and was showing me he wanted me to thrust them at his face. Before long I was pounding his face hard and his gagging and choking was turning me on making me fuck his mouth harder. My cock is 7 inches and this guy had my whole cock down his throat but seemed to love it. I was in awe of him being able to do that. His throat was almost sucking my at my cock each time it entered. He worked the cum out of me and ate all of it and kept sucking me after that was awesome never had that before. After he was done he stood up shook my hand and said thanks. I said you are very welcome. He asked if it was good? I said oh yes he smiled and something about him his smile and how he had just fucking sucked me off made me want to know him better.
    He said his name was Mark and he was new to all this. I said with a grin NEW? you suck like a pro. he blushed and said thanks you are only my 4th. I was thinking oh he must be kidding yanking my chain. But as I looked at him his eyes showed he was being truthful and real. We walked out of woods together and ended up spending the day together.
    Within a short time we moved in together and shared a place. He sucked me off and wanted nothing in return just happy to slobber on my cock when ever I got hard. It was great and for two years we roomed together. It came to an end when he confessed he was in love with me I told him I felt like a bud but was not in love. The next year he roomed with someone else so I had to haul my cock down to the fruit loop to get it serviced but was not bad all sorts of suckers and all different ways. All I know is men are without a doubt the best cock suckers

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